Friday, May 25, 2007

A Plethora of Ideas

When I first started plotting my Italian Duet series, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it would be about. But the more I started digging into my characters, the more I realized they had a lot more to tell me about their lives.

I've had ideas for their story hitting me at all hours of the day. On my walks. Doing dishes. Driving. (This can be a little dangerous). Sitting at work and blankly staring at the computer screen (this can also be dangerous if the boss walks by...). And even though it's a ton of fun to have all these ideas, at some point I need to decide what's going to work. But that's what is so weird about the whole thing - one idea will hit me, I'll think, hey, maybe this will work, then another thought punctures that little balloon and I'm faced with a whole new idea.

I'm letting my imagination roam with this and for some reason, I don't feel nearly as stifled as I have with other novels. Anything and everything enters my mind, and I reject the silly ideas and seriously look at others. It's part of my process, I guess.


I'm really looking forward to the three day weekend - here in America we're celebrating Memorial Day. I usually take that day to remember the fallen and watch some World War II movies - on tap this year is The Longest Day and I'm going to try and rent The Good German with George Clooney. I read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I heard the movie doesn't follow it too closely. I'll still watch it, though.

But I also plan on spending lots and lots of time plotting and maybe even doing a little editing on the other novel. Since work has been so stressful this past week, I just want to do a whole lot of nothing for the next three days.

So I'll leave you with two questions.

1) What's the strangest place you ever got an idea for your story?

2) What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Devon Ellington9:54 AM

    I get ideas everywhere, including the shower, so I'm not sure what the strangest place is.

    This weekend, I'm working the sunday matinee, but, other than that, I want to write.

  2. I get ideas everywhere, I do most of my plotting in the shower and while driving (not good).

    I'm not doing anything special this weekend since my husband has to work. But that's okay. I'll have a nice relaxing weekend hanging out with the kids. ;)

  3. Shower :) Isn't that funny.

    I'm always scribbling notes on my skin. :/

    I'm not doing anything this weekend--last weekend was our long weekend and Memorial Day is in November for me--not that I don't think about the sacrifices people have made for our freedom. It would be impossible to honor them too much.

  4. Glad to hear about all those ideas! I was plotting while suffering another bout of insomnia this morning.

    Hmmm, as for strangest place I've ever been hit with an idea, I'm not sure I can even say.

    This weekend we're hoping to go camping over on our building site - as long as it doesn't pour rain. We're actually hoping to put the picnic table into our dining nook if they get the basement ceiling/first floor framed today.

    Our holiday weekend (Victoria Day) was last weekend. Enjoy your Memorial Day celebrations :)

  5. Ugh - I'm such a Stay at home mom now that I totally forgot it was Memorial Day Weekend!! I love the idea of watching those movies. We are planning on taking the kids to the beach and maybe the Reptile Zoo for a special treat (shudder).

    Ideas - definately at weird times like driving, sitting in the chairs waiting for church to start, lying in bed at night, trying to put Gigi down for a nap - that's a biggie!

    And I totally understand what you mean about conflicting ideas for the same story. That kept happening with my WIP and I finally think I determined the strongest idea. I was looking for something unexpected, yet believable. And I'm vowing vowing vowing to plot out the next one so that all these new ideas don't mean constant rewrites!!

    Best wishes with your Italian Duet!

  6. Hmmm . . . the strangest place I've ever gotten an idea for a story. It's not the place so much as the situation. I was in my sleeping chamber, with a friend . . . well, you know. Never had story ideas hit me hard and fast (so to speak) in that circumstance before. Strange. Very strange. It's especially awkward when comedy inspiration hits you then. Anyway--------

    As for the weekend, it's rocking and rolling. The B-52s and Joan Jett are on my itinerary, along with some writing.

    Have an awesome holiday weekend, and keep jamming on that story.

  7. Weirdest is when I'm having a conversation and something someone says puts an idea in my head. I usually stop and write it down--people are getting used to me :)

    Hope you had a great, productive weekend :)


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