Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Writing? What writing?

I've been to my doctor's office twice today. Once this morning to get my bloodwork done to check my cholesterol, thyroid functions, etc., etc., which means I had to fast. I get there at 8 a.m. and wait for 30 minutes. I was not happy, especially when I still had to take my daughter to daycare and get to work. To make matters worse, the nurse couldn't find my veins and poked me once without any result. And darn it, it hurt! The second time she got it, but I sat there thinking, "How many times have I had this done and never had this happen!" But I'm coming to find out that every person who does this has a different approach.

At any rate, I go back for my appointment at 11:15 and waited another 30 minutes for my doc. They must have been having an off-day because they're usually not this bad. She thinks I have a sinus infection, so she gives me three different prescriptions to try. I'm willing to do anything at this point, but I'm sure my pharmacy is absolutely loving me. I bet I've shelled out over $100 for my prescriptions the last month. That's rather sad when you consider I do have insurance (thank goodness!) and don't have to pay full-price.

Last night I cleaned like a demon in my bathroom. My mother is coming to spend the week (well, maybe not - she is in the midst of job interviews and doesn't know if she wants to come down now or not) and I must have a clean bathroom. The shower was particularly bad because my husband is one of those guys that gets really dirty at work - we're talking grease, oil, dirt, mud...ewwww. It does not leave a very nice ring around the tub.

Also mowed the lawn last night, fixed a sumptious dinner of spaghetti, Caesar salad and garlic bread, and did the dishes. Oh yeah - and laundry! Can't forget about that ever-present load on my back.

And writing? Phhht. Didn't even go there. I had the computer on, but didn't do much on it. I am hoping to tonight, though, except stepson has a pesky school production this evening that he doesn't even want to go to, and in fact hid the notes from school informing the parents about it. That kid...

I guess I have done some writing today - biographies for another encylopedia project I'm working on. Unfortunately, my headache has sidelined me much too long, leaving me with little time to get things done. But the editor of the project graciously gave me a two-week extension. That's good news considering Mom might be coming and the other stepson arrives from Kentucky on Thursday.


Well, if nothing else, at least my bathroom is clean.


  1. I need someone to make me fast.... On a regular basis!

    I need someone to clean my bathrooms, too......

  2. As a chronic sinus sufferer, I feel for you! Hope the drugs knock it out quickly.

    And clean bathrooms are wonderful...at least from what I remember!

  3. I hope your feeling better. It's misery when you don't feel well.

  4. You can come clean my bathrooms! :)

  5. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that. I don't get that much done in the run of a day when I'm in tip top shape, and you're doing it with a headache? Very impressive!

  6. Thanks for the comments, gals. Yup, I'm feeling better, thank goodness. I stayed at home last night and watched "The Bourne Identity" while hubby watched the kids and fiddled around in the garage. I lounged on the couch all night!


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