Thursday, May 26, 2005

Baby Birds

Last night my stepson rescued three baby birds, nest and all. Apparently another bird was attacking them, so he brought them home. I called our local wildlife rescue volunteers and they directed me to a veterinarian clinic. We drove all over trying to find it and when we found the address, I knew there was no way this was a vet clinic. A truck sat on blocks in the driveway, overgrown weeds engulfed the lawn, and not a single sign was visible saying this was or at any time in the past had been a vet clinic.

Frustrated, I returned home with the kids and the baby birds. We decided to keep them overnight since it was getting late and my stepson had a blast. He's nearly 12 and is so caring and responsible with wildlife (this isn't the first time he's rescued an injured animal). He put some straw in a box, put the baby birds in it and sat it next to his bed. He even went and found bugs to feed them and gave them water through a straw. It was the most adorable thing to watch these tiny birds opening their mouths wide for the food and water. I just prayed they'd all be alive by morning and they were. We're going to take them to a vet later today.

What I enjoyed so much about this experience was the way it bonded our family together. We were all so fascinated and involved in what happened to these three little lives that it was a truly heartwarming moment. I'm just so proud of my stepson for taking on the responsbility - it's quite amazing considering he never remembers to hang up his wet towel!

My other stepson is flying in this morning and I'm anxious to see him. My husband took the day off from work and we're all going out to lunch. I woke up feeling as though a mac truck took a big swipe at me and I'm nearly ready to fall asleep on my keyboard from the painkillers I took. I don't know what's going on with my body, but I've just about had it. I just want to sleep for three days and wake up feeling brand new again.

I did get a page written yesterday (single spaced, which I always have to point out because it makes me feel better!) on the inspirational. It's at a great point right now - the hero and heroine are thrust into a situation that is pretty uncomfortable for both of them. I'm excited to dive into their emotions.

Oh yeah - I won "Von Ryan's Express" on ebay last night. Woo-hoo! LOVE that movie. It's a WWII flick with Frank Sinatra. I also found "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and the thriller "Laura." They're in my shopping cart at right now - just have to wait for payday! :-)


  1. One SS page definitely counts as 2. :) Sorry you're feeling so bad. I just went through a similar ongoing thing and am finally finding some answers. Very depressing until you can figure it out though.

    What a sweet story about your stepson and the birds! Hope you find a vet who can nurse them to health.

  2. That's so sweet about the baby birds! We rescued a baby bird once and were able to get the wildlife dept to put us in touch with a bird rescue group and they sent someone to our house to get the bird.


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