Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Baby's Birthday and Other Tales...

My daughter is five-years-old today.

I cannot believe it. Part of me does not want to believe it. I know this is something every parent goes through, but commiseration doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

After I went ten days past my due date, my doctor decided to induce me. The labor was hard, intensive, and relatively brief. I had her within four hours. She came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her and they had to resucitate her, but when they put her into my arms...pure bliss.

Contrary to popular opinion, I did not forget the excruciating pain of labor. As I would later describe it, it felt like my abdomen was being twisted by a pair of pliers. Not a nice image. But highly accurate.

I try to remember and thank the Lord every day for my daughter. She is truly a gift from Him. The way she lights up my life, even those times when we clash, is something I cherish. I love her wisdom, her insights, her laugh, her smile.

Now I'm getting all weepy! Ah well - it's a mother's right to get weepy on their baby's birthday, no matter how many years go by.

In other news today...

Yes, the headache is still here. Still pounding, still unrelenting. I took three ibuprofen and it has taken the edge off, but I wonder if there isn't something going on with my sinuses or ears because I now feel dizzy. Good grief!

I didn't get any writing done last night which really irritated me. It's rather hard to write today at work because of the fuzziness lurking around my brain, but I'm trying. I know I won't get any writing in tonight (kindergarten open house, birthday party) or tomorrow (best friend coming from out of town for supper, writer's group meeting) or Saturday (romance writers conference). Well, I'm shooting for Saturday night, though. I'm hoping that being in the midst of all these wonderful authors (you can see the conference info here:
I will be infused with inspiration on so grand a scale that I'll surpass the hour limit and write long into the night.

I can hope.

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  1. Happy late birthday to your daughter! (I have a 5yo time flies!)

    The conference looks great. Hope it gets you burning to write. :) And if so, could you send some my way?


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