Saturday, May 14, 2005

Romance Conference Update!

Well, I almost got sidelined by this tension headache (yes, it's still here) and didn't make it to my dessert reception last night and my romance conference today. But my will power was quite strong (as was my pain tolerance!) and I'm glad to say I made it to both, as well as met my best friend for supper as she was in town for a few hours. I did, however, miss my daughter's kindergarten open house Thursdaay because of my head and was quite upset at that. My hubby went with her and since he hadn't been to the school yet, he was very impressed.

But on to the conference!

Last night my local RWA chapter held a welcoming dessert reception for the authors attending the library conference today. Jo Beverley, ( our keynote speaker for the conference, actually moved her airline flight in order to attend our reception. That is one classy lady!

Although the day started off rather cloudy and cool, by yesterday evening the sun had come out and since we were holding the reception in a courtyard, it was absolutely perfect. Yummy food, jazz music playing in the backyard, a fountain trickling in the midst of it all...a wonderful atmosphere.

We had four authors attend - Jo Beverley, Elizabeth Grayson, Lois Greiman, and Kathleen Eagle. Fabulous conversation and insight! We sometimes think of romance authors as movie stars, but they're really just like us. :) I had an enjoyable time talking to Jo about the romance industry and market changes, writing in general, and life in general.

The conference today went very well. Book signings (I only took 6 of my 13 Jo Beverley books to the conference for her to sign, which she very graciously did) and good food, good conversation, networking, and lots of great advice made for a wonderful day. (But of course, the tension headache had to throb through it all!).

I felt a little tense during the conference and I couldn't figure it out until I got home and started talking to my husband. I want to be one of those authors up there, speaking about their books, telling us about when they got "the call" and offering advice to aspiring writers. I feel like I'm on the brink of such a momentous occasion, and I'm having a hard time being patient!

One thing I love about conferences is the energy. Romance writers and readers have a special energy that binds us together and it's a spirit of camraderie that I think might be lacking in other genres, particularly the literary one. Professional jealousy, while present, I'm sure, does not come into play in the romance genre. The support, advice, and friendship that we have for one another is something quite special. Maybe that's because the majority of romance authors are women and we understand the struggles that our heroines go through.

Jo's talk centered around the reality of romance - it really is a genre rooted in reality. What is more real than a relationship? For that matter, a relationship where two people care for one another, love one another, want to get married and start a family together? That is the root of humanity, the common need to be loved and to love, the even more baser instinct to mate and keep the species going.

Just a few thoughts...I came away with a lot today, but right now, it's time to lay on the couch and rest the ol' head. I hope to get some writing done tonight because now I really want to sit down and pound out a few pages! I've been truly inspired.


  1. Hope the tension headache went away, but the conference sounded great! I hope you get the call soon too!

  2. Thanks, Jill. The tension headache is still here, but my doctor gave me some good painkillers. ;)


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