Thursday, May 19, 2005

Longing for the Days...

Before I worked at my full-time job (which I just started in February of this year), I stayed at home with my daughter. My schedule resembled nothing close to normalcy and an average bedtime for both my daughter and I was around 1 a.m. That ended very quickly once I started work.

It's not that I exactly miss those days of uninterrupted time. I recognize that I wasn't very happy simply because I had no adult interaction and it had been years since I'd had a job. But I absolutely loved being home with my daughter. That was the best part. I long to have just an afternoon off. Every day. If I could only work in the mornings, that would be the ultimate for me. I could spend every afternoon writing, be home when the kids got off school, and have time to do housework. As it stands right now, I'm exhausted when I get home and there's a million things to cram into five hours. It's amazing how fast five hours can go at home. But at work, it slowly inches by like a constipated caterpillar.


  1. Melissa,

    I love your blog. Yours is a interesting and insightful voice. I'll be a regular reader. Keep writing---like billy crystal said, "A writer writes---always!"

    If you get a chance, check out my blog, "John Left's Field".

    Keep writing and keep blogging. You have talent and ability!!

  2. I totally understand everything you said. I wish there was enough time in the day to do what needed to be done, with enough room for some fun and relaxation.

  3. A "constipated catepillar?" Is this a quaint Nebraskan phrase or do you have experience with constipated catepillars?

    Well, you know my feelings on the topic of being an SAHM....

  4. Although I don't have children, I completely relate. My dream is to be able to stay at home once we have kids, but right now that's not an option for us.

  5. I can understand why you wanted a job in the first place. I'm a SAHM too and when my first son was born, I thought I would go nuts without the mental challenge. (Plenty of challenge, as you know, just not the right kind.) I can't imagine working fulltime though...for the very reason you mention. Part time would be ideal! :)

  6. Rene - No, that's not a Nebraska saying - it just sounded good. ;-)

    LuLu - I just keep telling myself that once the kids are grown, I'll have loads of time. But I don't want that to happen yet. :-)

    John - Thanks for reading my blog! I'll definitely check yours out.

    Theresa - I always wanted to stay home with the kids and write. Turns out I didn't have enough discipline to do it. Now with a job, I think I've actually been writing more. Weird.

    Amy - The full-time stuff definitely isn't the best. But you already have a full-time job as a mom! :-)

  7. I feel your pain! Once I decided to make writing a priority when I started my new, much more boring job, a couple years ago - it's a struggle to get through the 8 hours. I finish my work usually in the first half hour because my last job had me juggling 3 full-time positions at once and I learned to work very fast and very efficiently. By the end of each workday the only thought in my mind is there's eight hours of my life I'll never get back and the idea of how much writing I could have gotten done in that time drives me crazy. But at the same time, it's the best incentive I know for working hard to make the writing my primary source of income. Even if its only a part-time one, at least then I can quit my boring day job, get a part time one and have more time to write. My back up plan, of course, is to find a sugar daddy :-)

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