Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Plotting at the Bookstore

Where else can you go for inspiration? The bookstore is the best place for me to sit down and peruse my plots (while eating an ultimate double chocolate brownie - bad, Melissa, bad!).

During my daily chat with Rene, I realized something that actually, I knew all along. I make my plotting too complicated. I want it to be perfect before I sit down to write. Here again, my left brain and right brain do not gel and it really gets to me sometimes. Why must I be so meticulous? Why can't I let the creativity flow?

This is why writing is sometimes difficult for me. My left brain wants to take control of my right nine times out of ten, leaving me frustrated and angry. I want to sit down and write so badly...but then my logical side kicks in. I'm truly a product of my parents. My dad is the logical one, my mom the creative.

I once read in Judith McNaught's newsletters back in the late 80's or early 90's that she found writing incredibly difficult. At the time, (young, naive high-schooler) I thought, "how can it be hard?"

Now I think I'm figuring out why she feels that way.

Writing is hard for me at times, easy at others. My blog writing is not hard. Writing articles on the writing craft is not hard.


When it comes to fiction, I have a hard time. Is it because the logical side is at war with the creative side? And that logical side thinks that I can't write anything illogical, i.e. fiction?

Herein lies the problem. How do I tell the logical side to shove off?


  1. I'm always wanting to stop, fix, polish, look up the perfect word. I just have to order myself to WRITE. Just write. Fix later. Get the story down! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....


  3. You've described my problem to a tee! Glad to know I'm not the only one with this "internal conflict." ;)

  4. Rene -
    I'm not sure why I just can't write the damn book. My husband thinks I think too much. Ya think? LOL

  5. I used to write columns for a little newspaper (cir.35,000). The first novel I wrote was on a dare. My wife said I couldn't write a romance...bull. I wrote the thing (actually a novella) and sent it off to Redbook. They liked it but I was told to 'flesh' it out. Editors, hurumph! The story was told and 'fleshing' it out was not possible. Still collecting dust in a bottom file drawer. My current novel took three months to finish and five years of rewrites as my literacy level is stuck on column writing. Never had 'writers' block...what I've got now is 'Agents' block. I find the hardest part of writing is marketing the damn words. Probably should have stuck to romance as 'Chic-lit' is hot now according to 'Writer's Digest' but I ain't no chic. Blog writing is good exercise...I use it to warm up in the mornings (early) as I always wake up with something on my mind. Damn, this is a windy post but it's always nice to hear another writers POV.


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