Friday, April 13, 2007

Why I Need Pets

Yes, I'm an animal lover. I love dogs. And only recently have I started to love cats. Well, maybe not all cats. Just my cat.
This morning, I watched our four kittens playing and tumbling on the floor. They are so darn cute. Watching them flex their pouncing muscles, attack each other, and tumble around makes for a great way to start the morning.
I've always had pets. Mostly dogs, but growing up on the farm, we had our fair share of cats to keep the mice population at a minimum (although there was the occasional mouse who made it into the house, much to my mother's horror). We had outside dogs, the ones who trudged off to the fields with Dad and my brothers, and then the inside dogs who kept Mom company and warmed our feet at night.
For me, animals keep me sane. They are the ones who listen when that's all you want - someone to listen. When you don't want or need advice, they'll sit there and look at you with their big eyes as if to say, "I understand. It will be ok. Pet me. Feed me. Then we'll both feel better."
They say that people who have pets live longer lives. I believe them. There have been many nights when I've been upset over something going on in my life and all I want to do is just hug my dog. And he's the type of dog that knows when something is wrong. He doesn't like to be far from my side. Unfortunately, since the kitties have arrived, he's been left outside an awful lot.
As a writer, I like to incorporate pets into my stories. I feel it adds a special dimension to things. Not all my stories have pets, but when I do decide that one fits the storyline, it's always fun to write about them.
And also as a writer, I love to write with my dog beside me. It's an added comfort.
I don't think I'm the only writer that has pets. I think cats are probably the preferred pet of choice for lots of writers - as evidenced by the blogs I've seen with cat pics! - but I'll take both. I still prefer dogs for their lavish devotion (ha ha), but those kitties come in at a close second with their cute little paws and furry faces.


  1. I've had cats, too, but my preference is also for dogs. You can't find that unconditional love anywhere else. Pets are the best listeners. My current canine companion, a spunky Schipperke, tries to be a conversationalist at times, too. I don't really like those moments so much since I'm not yet fluent in Schipperke. Usually, though, she's telling me to put her outside, give her some kibbles or water, or most often, to get her a biscuit.

  2. I've been a cat person my whole life, but I recently fell in lurve with a dog and am now the owner of a Jack Russell. She's part cat, though, and sits on my lap most of the day...which has its good and bad points! I like to incorporate animals into my stories too. One of my works-on-the-shelf even features a crime-fighting pig. :)

  3. I'm a dog lover, but I've never actually owned one. I've lived with friends who had dogs--and I prefer big dogs. I do plan to adopt once I know I can afford it :) Until then, I'll take the man in the pic...

  4. Isn't it wonderful to watch kittens learn? It's so fascinating.

    I adore my cats, but once I move into the house, I'm adding dogs into the mix as well.

    I write better around my animals.

  5. I'm a cat person and have two. My favorite time is when I read in bed, and the two cats lounge on my lap and shoulder. It really seems like Echo is reading my book with me.

    Therese, Dh now wants a Jack Russell. They are so cute!

  6. I love cats and dogs! When I was growing up my mom brought home a German Shepard puppy and a kitten. Shadow and Beeper were best friends. Then Beeper had kittens, and we found homes for 3 and kept one, Lily, for our family. And then we got another German Shepard, Kayse. They each had their own personality - likes and dislikes. Pets are truly part of the family.

    Melissa, I think you shoule expand on this post and submit it as an OP-ed to a newspaper. I loved it.

  7. I love animals, always have. I am glad you make them part of your stories life. They listen way better than any human and comfort you only wanting to be loved in return. I love the animal in the picture, you know the one holding the dog, my oh my!!

  8. Wow, he's a nice pet ... the dog's not bad either ...

    I always had a dog, right from when I was born. Then, when I left home and found out a farmer was planning on shooting all of his kittens, I decided I wanted one if only to save it. I ended up saving all of them, but kept just one. Since then I've usually had a dog and a cat, until 2 years ago when my lovely dog died aged 17. Now I have 2 cats. I'd love another dog, but they're a lot of responsibility when you're on your own and work too.

  9. I'm a dog lover too. Just yesterday I said to my bestfriend that if the world existed of nothing else but dogs and books I'd be the world's happiest human.

  10. I'm a total cat person, but also LOVE dogs. I've also been fortunate to have cats that are very lavish with affection. But I know what you mean about dogs - one of the great things about living with my in-laws has been having a dog too. And our future neighbours' dog seems to have adopted us - she wanders up to visit most times we're over there :)


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