Monday, April 30, 2007



Saturday morning, I woke up rarin' to write. This was the day I wanted to dive into all my notes on my novel, get back into the story, and start writing again.

Only I couldn't find my notes.

I looked. And looked some more. In fact, I spent all day searching for my file folder. And this folder has everything in it. Character sketches. Goals. Motivations. Conflicts. Plot notes. Ideas. Etc. Etc.

And y'know what? I never found it. I actually sat down and cried in utter and complete frustration. Hubby even helped me look and still we had no success. I have no idea where it might be. I literally feel like a gremlin snuck into my house and took it.

Talk about frustrating.

So about 7 p.m., I figured, enough is enough. I wasted the whole day looking for these notes when I could have been writing. I sat down with my first ten chapters, scanned through them, and started writing down the info I needed to know to get my head back in the story.

Unfortunately, the stress from the day got to me and my head started pounding. Needless to say, four ibuprofen did the trick - as did my wonderful hubby rubbing my tense shoulders!


Still no folder. But I wasn't about to let another whole day go by without writing, so I turned on my laptop. And I scrolled down to where I'd last left off and started writing. And I got back into the story, immersed myself in it, and had a blast.

And that evening, I felt a sense of accomplishment. So I treated myself. Hubby took me for a ride in the convertible to go get a small dish of ice cream. Cookies 'n cream. Yum.

Tonight, I can't wait to get back to where I left off. It's an emotional scene, one I'm reworking that is surprising me with its intensity. And wow. It's so much fun. I love this writing life. :-)


  1. Devon Ellington8:57 AM

    I'm glad it worked out. I've lost my notes and it's so upsetting on so many levels!

    I'm glad you just jumped back in.

    Happy writing!

  2. Sorry you lost your notes. Here's something my friend swears by: light a white candle, clear your mind, ask your notes to show themselves. Then blow out the candle and walk away from it. Within a day the lost object 'returns' itself. Never actually tried it but she swears it works every time.

  3. Hey, it's eblgorton from romance central forums, how you doing?

    I've had similar issues with losing my stuff. take care.

  4. *unspoken sympathy*


  5. Who knows: maybe what you've written will be all the better for NOT having those notes. I'll bet you internalized them already, and maybe your muse took you down an even better road than you would've gone down otherwise.

    Congrats for being back in the 'ole saddle!

  6. It is always weird when something disappears. One of DD's scholl books disappeared from the face of the earth the other week and I searched EVERYWHERE. Glad you managed to pull it together on Sunday. maybe just writing the notes was enough for the brain to kick start?

  7. Michelle Willingham4:12 PM

    Hope you find them! WTG on the writing! :)


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