Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's Your Breakfast Look Like?

Nothing profound today. Last evening I worked on the novel, ate a wonderful dinner with the family (yes, we were all sitting around the dinner table!!!) playing basketball with my two kids, and fussing over the kitties.

So as I'm munching on my breakfast of lowfat baked apple granola bars and Diet Pepsi, I wondered what everyone else eats for breakfast.

I love big breakfasts - pancakes, eggs, sausage, and toast is a favorite. No oatmeal though! The picture at left is from some yummy blueberry pancakes I had when I was in Chicago.

I don't just eat breakfast in the morning, though. I've been known to boil a few eggs and make a couple pieces of toast for my evening meal. And I've also visited Cracker Barrel on more than one occasion to have some pancakes for supper.

So what's your breakfast look like?


  1. Hilarious, Melissa!
    I was posting on your blog when you posted on mine (I get a beep when someone comments) Now that's karma, huh!!!

    I haven't had breakfast yet.
    Ouch. Better go eat something.
    Your Chicago breakfast looks good.
    I hate eggs. Guess that leaves me with grapefruit.... :)

  2. Diane8:57 AM

    I'm a cereal eater. I have bacon and eggs for a proper meal. So I'll start the day with Kellogg's - corn flakes or rice Krispies - or 2 Weetabix (wheat biscuits), both with hot or cold milk and sugar, or 2/3 Farley's rusks (baby food) either with milk - hot or cold - or dry like biscuits.

    PS Couldn't be bothered to log all the way into blogger so there's no link on my name. :o)

  3. Since I started my big, life-changing diet back in August, breakfast is almost always one of the following: one cup of Special K with 1/4 cup skim milk, a Weight Watchers muffin, a low-fat cinnimon roll, or a South Beach Diet cereal bar.

    But on special occasions, we'll go to the Cracker Barrel, where I'll have pancakes topped with baked apples. Yum. ;-)

  4. I love breakfast and brunch, especially potato pancakes. But I usually eat oatmeal w/ raisins.

  5. porridge :) It is nice and hot :)

  6. I eat cereal every morning with dried fruit, usually blueberries and/or cranberries. And drink coffee. Must. Have. Coffee. *g*

  7. For breakie every morning I have a big glass of raspberry smoothie, and 3 pieces of toast with cheese spread on it


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