Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Wow. The flood gates have opened and I'm drowning in work. I guess that will only make the day go by faster, right?

But I have a mission over lunch - to head to Barnes & Noble and buy me a nice journal. I'm going to try something this time with my Italian Duet novels - keep all my notes with me in one spot. I usually have stuff strewn everywhere, to the point where hubby better not throw any scrap of paper away. I envision this journal as being a sort of scrapbook full of ideas, pictures that inspire me, and anything else.

I need to get organized this time around so that I can cut the editing process in half, if at all possible. With each novel I write, I learn a new way to help me streamline my process. If I'm going to be a published author someday, I need to figure out a way to cut down the work that goes into each novel because let's face it - I won't have oodles of time to tinker with things. I'll have deadlines. It's at times like these that I think I better have a firm grasp on the whole reality of being a published author before it happens.

Off to the day-job trenches...


  1. And will you be buying any novels while you're there?

  2. Sounds like a good idea. I start a new notebook with every new book and keep all my notes in one area. Otherwise I'd be all over the place and lose half my stuff!

  3. I like journals, too. I've got a really nice red one right now that a good friend gave me. :)

  4. Diane - Darn it, I forgot to look for Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Will have to do that next time (or find it quick on!)

  5. I'm a big journal fan. I have a journal for each new project. Keeping up with the journal... well, that's another story!

  6. Melissa, the journal's a great plan. I don't think I'd get my books written without using one!

    Time management is my biggest challenge, even with writing being my full-time occupation. Without forced structure in my day, I sometimes tend to spend too much time on non-essentials.

    Like today, for instance: I'm getting highlights in my hair (by a professional, for the first time ever!) on the day my copyedited ms is supposed to arrive.

    Organization, and balance: those are the tricks I'm still learning!

  7. Isn't it amazing how the right notebook inspires a project?


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