Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Perfect Example

Yesterday I decided to write an email to the author of Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley. As a World War II historian, I found his book to be a refreshing change from a lot of the academic stuff that comes out about the war. It was a very personable book and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect.

Imagine my surprise when not five minutes later, I had a response from him. He asked me a few questions, I responded, and he emailed me back again. How awesome is that?

When I finally reach that moment of being a novel-length published author and I have fans sending me email, I want to respond in such a manner. After all, without the readers, there are no sales. There is no one to read what you've labored so hard to write. And in the end, that is one of our goals - to reach people and have them read what we've written.

I've never wanted fame or celebrity. I'm too private of a person. I like my space. I like being able to go places without worrying about being mobbed by people. :-) Once I reach that point in my career of being a published author, I don't plan on elevating my status in society. I'll be the same, ordinary gal who decided to write a story. And in so doing, I plan to respond to those who kindly take the time to write to me in the same manner as James Bradley. After all, I'm pretty sure he just set out to tell his father's story - and in so doing, touched the lives of millions.


  1. Awesome :) I had a similar experience with Anne Rice, of all authors.

  2. How thrilling to get email from an author you admire! I bet it made your day. :)

  3. Betty - it did! It was so nice to see that sitting in my inbox. :)

  4. Michelle4:52 AM

    That's really exciting! :) Isn't it nice when they're down-to-earth?

  5. Devon Ellington7:26 AM

    I agree with you. The authors who say "they don't have time" to respond to their readers -- why should I spend money on their books?

    Reading is an intimate experience. The connection is important, and acknowledging the readers is a big part of it.

  6. Absolutely, I agree.

    I've had wonderful responses from Suzanne Brockmann, Mary Jo Putney and others. And it makes a difference to their fans.

    You'll be good Melissa :)

  7. The same thing happened to me when I emailed Elizabeth Chadwick. Totally took me by surprise and I decided then and there that when it was me in that position, I'd answer my emails too.

  8. I sure hope you remember the little people lol


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