Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Thrill...

There's something quite thrilling about seeing your name in print. When we got home from our six-hour trip, there was a big box sitting on our doorstep. And lo and behold, inside was this set of encylopedias. What is so special about them?

I'm a contributor. :-)

About a year or so ago, I answered a call to be a contributor for this encylopedia and I researched and wrote four articles. It is so neat to be included in this work alongside other scholars, both independent and those who are affiliated with a university. Seeing my name in print makes it worth all those moments of a writer's self-doubt and fear. :-)


Had a grand time at home. We received numerous nice gifts - and I really do not have a single favorite because I loved them all. Hubby got me a very nice lap desk that I can't wait to use and my brother and his family got me 100 Classic Songs - four volumes! I'm listening to it right now and enjoying it immensely.

My grandmother gave me some very nice handmade gifts - she gave me some table runners and doilies that she made when she was younger. Her mother crocheted the edges on them and they are just beautiful, priceless family treasures. My mother also came up with a very neat idea - she made calendars for us three kids and each month has a different picture of us growing up. It is so special. I also received Saving Private Ryan (yes, I haven't watched it yet and no, I don't know why I haven't before - now I have no excuse!) from my other brother.

Remember when I blogged about this game? Well, my Dad's girlfriend gave it to me for Christmas. I can't wait to play it! And maybe, just maybe, I'll beat my husband!

It was a great Christmas - and we had plenty of snow. In fact, it even snowed a bit on Christmas Eve. My grandfather came home from the resthome for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and that was very special, as well.

Can't wait to catch up with you all...and I really can't wait to start working on the novel again. And with my new CD collection, I'll definitely be in the World War II mood!


  1. I'm glad you had such a delightful Christmas.

    I love family-made gifts, don't you?

  2. Melissa, sounds like you had a grand time for Christmas. And you even got snow, without being stuck in it! Yay!

  3. So glad you had a nice holiday, sounds wonderful. I'm happy you were able to get a copy of the encyclopedia, that's a great thing to show off. Remember to mention it in your query letters for those WWII books.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday! YOU haven't watched Saving Private Ryan? That shocks me! I saw the most wonderful thing on the news last night about a man who flies WWII veterans to their memorial in Washington. Out of the kindness and respect of his heart. Brought tears to my eyes to see those very old men so happy to go to their memorial. Made me think of you, actually.

    And congrats on the encyclopedia! That's cool.

  5. Oh Karen, that's so nice. My father died a year before the memorial was finished, so he'll never see his name up there.

    Congrats on the encyclopedias! I remember the first time my "small town" newspaper column came out and there was my name as the by-line. It's such a thrilling moment.

    And yes, it's Christmas Day - Happy Belated Birthday to your mother!

    The table runners and doilies are such a treasure, more valuable than anything else.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. The encyclopedia articles are wonderful, Melissa! Congratulations!

    And thanks for the link to the lap desk -- I've been looking for one. My kids don't know it yet, but they just bought me that for Christmas. :D

  7. Sounds like a great Christmas! And congrats on seeing your name in print!!

  8. What a FAB Christmas Melissa!!

    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year too.
    Sue :-)

    P.S. I LOVE the look of your lap desk.

  9. Ooooh, how exciting!! Yay on the author copies. :)

  10. Hugs on the encyclopedias--very cool! And I'm interested to see how you connect with Private Ryan :)


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