Monday, December 04, 2006

Relaxed and Refreshed

Friday night, I had the sudden urge to decorate. I decided to act upon that urge because I had no idea how long it would last. I'm glad I did! Our living room is now decorated with lots of lights, greenery, and Victorian-looking Christmas decorations. I love how it turned out, especially with the new paint job and carpet in the living room. Everything matches quite nicely.

We haven't decorated the tree yet because we decided to buy a real one this year. But we've yet to find one, so the tree will be the last to go up. It's been too cold to put the lights on the house and I don't think it's probably going to be warming up too much.

Also bought Christmas cards today. Why do I get fewer and fewer cards every year? Sending out Christmas cards is on the decline. Lots of people do them via email. I can understand why - it's much easier and free. But I love to get a card in the mail, so I will be sending out cards again this year.

Saturday and Sunday were wonderfully relaxing. I did lots of laundry and cleaned the house on Saturday, but Sunday afternoon was spent talking to hubby, making pictures with the kids, and just having a nice evening. Loved it.

I finished compiling the "faith element" of my novel this weekend and I must admit to being pleasantly surprised with the results. It's always a great feeling to read something you've written and think, "Wow, I did that?"

Phase one of the editing process is done and to tell the truth, there won't be too much involved in fixing this particular part of the novel. In fact, I don't think there will be a lot of major edits to deal with. Character and plot development is in pretty good shape. I am looking forward to tightening up the prose, though, and cutting all the unnecessary stuff out. Will probably be the hardest thing to do since I really like this story and love my characters. I hope and pray I'll be able to sell this book - I so want to share their story!


  1. Good luck with the editing! Hope it comes off wonderfully. :)

  2. Your decorations sound wonderful!

  3. The decorating sounds wonderful.

    I love Christmas cards, too.

  4. Wow, sounds like you had a productive weekend! If I could just motivate myself half as much, I'd be in good shape.

  5. I hope and pray, too, that your book will sell, Melissa. Here's good thoughts going your way! And OK, now you've inspired me to put up my own Christmas decorations. I'll do it today.

  6. Wow - sounds like a great weekend :-) We still send out cards too, though this year we're going to try a Christmas letter. But I do admit to trimming the list.

    No Christmas decorating in the cabin - it's just too small and there'd be nowhere to put them the cats can't reach. But we'll get to put some of our decorations on my in-law's tree once it goes up.

    Sounds like you're making great progress with your editing! WTG :-)

    Did you get my reply to your email?

  7. Sounds like you are making progress on all fronts! Awesome. I so agree about the card thing. I love to get cards but people don't seem to send them like they used to.

    So glad to hear the editing is going well. Not sure what the "faith element" is, but it all sounds good. Keep truckin with it!

  8. Tess - yup, got your reply and just sent one back to you.

    Stephanie - I am writing an inspirational, so my faith element is basically the characters' journey to finding God. It's my first attempt at an inspirational and I really enjoyed writing it.

  9. Pictures! We need pictures :)

    We send out less cards each year. So many people have become so busy that they stopped sending us one. Sad, but true.

    And regarding the "faith element", my next novel is going to have a strong faith sub-plot. It should be fun, and an interesting change.

    (I was a unofficial student of world religion, and spent time studying the Bible...Jesus was fascinating)

  10. Sounds like you had a productive weekend. I agree about the cards too. I didn't send any last year cos I was really sick and I let them slide, but this year I'm sending them out for sure!

  11. I still send out cards and always include pictures of the children in them. It's a nice way to keep in touch.

    Yay on the decorating. Ours is coming bit by bit.

    And excellent progress on the editing. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  12. I have sent out my overseas cards--and they arrived first LOL. I still have a bunch of Canadian and a ouple of US ones and then I'll send out many email greetings too. I know too many people to do it any other way.

    I hope your book gets published too. I hope I get to read it one day :)

  13. will you come decorate my house? I want it decorated...I just can't seem to find time to actually DO it.

    I love to get Christmas cards too. I usually send them out. Not every year. But almost every year. This year I'm a bit undecided...see above comment about not even having enough time to decorate yet...

  14. I send out a lengthy letter, probably 2K, and pictures. It used to be every year, but I missed last year because I was too busy writing a book. :D The number of cards I receive has shrunk every year, but knowing how hectic life gets, I'll continue to send to everyone I have an address for. I'll hear from them all sooner or later.

    Great to hear that your editing is going so well, Melissa -- I'll be praying for your book to sell, too!

  15. Good for you. I'm glad to hear you are working on your book. I still think this book will find its market so don't give up on it.

    I bet you played a lot of Bing Crosby while you were decorating. Probably boogie woogied the Andrews Sisters sang "Jingle Bells."

  16. I haven't even begun to decorate unless you count the xmas desktop I put on the pc. Love that xmas graphic, btw.


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