Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Editing and Reading

Last night, I sat down with the hardcopy version of my novel, trusty pen in hand, dog at my feet, and started editing. Pretty soon, I had lots of marks all over the page and I felt energized and motivated. Darn it, this was fun.

But right next to me sat a book that I'd just received in the mail. I'd already read two chapters and forced myself to put it aside so I could start editing. It kept beckoning. Whispering. Pick me up.

In my defense, I finished the scene I was editing before I set it aside and eagerly grabbed the book and started reading. And reading. And pretty soon, I had already finished 1/4 of it. Good books like this are hard to find - especially good nonfiction books, as this one is. But I've been completely drawn into the author's world and even though it's filled with harsh realities, I want to go back.

To make up for my lapse in editing last night, I'm headed to Barnes & Noble for my lunch hour for an editing session. I'm rather excited to get back to it. And yes, I left the book at home. :-)


  1. Reading other stuff is good for your editing! I'm serious :-) Reading how other people write is always helpful. And you did do a couple of chapters, so I wouldn't feel too bad.

    Hope your lunchtime session goes well :-)

  2. Reading and writing. They're intertwined. And if you're reading a book you're passionate about, you know that's going to help you in your own writing/editing.

    Way to go on your achievements, Melissa!

  3. The great thing about editing away from the computer is that you can do it in spurts,and not feel as guilty when you stray. If you would have walked away from the computer to read, you might be depressed today...

  4. Funny how those books talk oh so loudly to you when you should be doing other things. Happens to me all the time...


  5. Ok, so what is "the book" that has you so mesmerized? I'm looking for a good read, and you've got me curious. I bet it has something to do with WWII? :)

  6. Betty - Just check out the link I provided - it'll take you right to it! :-)

  7. Ahhh! A Woman in Berlin. It sounds wonderful, Melissa. I'll have to go ut and get it.

  8. That sounds like a really good book!

  9. I love being seduced that way by books!

  10. It all sounds great - the editing and the book you're reading (I love the new blog)!

    Btw... It sounds like lots of others are having problems posting comments on Blogger at the moment. I've recently moved across to Beta and it may not be compatible with Bloggers who haven't yet converted. Beta doesn't seem to be better where leaving comments are concerned :-(. Thanks for not giving up on me!

    Best wishes for the rest of your editing.

    Sue :-)


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