Saturday, August 05, 2006

This Thing Called Love: Why I Write Romance

In the past few weeks, I've lived enough reality. I have no desire to dive into a novel where the main character's misery is worse than my own and his or her tragic death at the end of the book makes me sob uncontrollably. No thanks.

I don't write romance to delve into the deep world of human misery or tragedy or any other harsh reality. I write romance because I want to ESCAPE reality for awhile. I want to delve into a world where the man says he loves the woman, she says she loves him, and they live happily ever after. It seems like a trite formula, but not to me. Happily ever afters give us all hope.

When writers finish writing a romance or readers finish reading one, we all have a warm fuzzy nestled in our hearts. Of course, we're not stupid - yes, we know that life doesn't always end happily ever after. But that is the entire point. We want to read a story where it actually DOES end on a good note. We get enough of reality just by living life. What's wrong with wanting to escape reality for awhile?

Nothing, in my opinion. I think we all need that break. Too much reality and we'd all be throwing ourselves over bridges. But escapist fiction, and that's what romance writers create, has always been a popular form of entertainment. Movies cater to that demand all the time. So do romance novels. And mystery novels. And science fiction novels. The list goes on...

Next time someone sneers at your choice of writing material, or lifts their nose to a point well above your head, just politely smile and vow to put him or her in your next novel - as the villain. :-)


  1. I agree with you 100%!

    Love your patriotic look. ;)

  2. Well said!

    Though I don't read escapist fiction exclusively, I do read it, and I fully agree with your arguments in support of it.


  3. LOL, I agree!

    I like to laugh and feel all gushy mushy happy after a good romance.

  4. Escape via fiction is very important. For both reader and writer.

    Readers need stories. And they need stories that make them feel hopeful about the world, not depressed all the time. How can we make the world a better place if the only writing is how terrible everything is?

    Also, writers should write what they NEED to write -- it doesn't matter if "someone" scoffs -- who is "someone"? Is "someone" important in your personal universe? No? Ex-communicate that one, then!

    And write what you want and need to write!

  5. Devon - AMEN! Very well put. And I think I definitely need to write HEA - happily ever after. :-)

  6. Eloquently put, Melissa! Everyone has some escape mechanism, and I'd say reading romance is one of the healthier ones!

  7. Well said. When I sit down with my trusty laptop and work on a story, I can free my mind to explore unreal worlds. Why not give true love and happiness a chance once in a while?

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