Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Isn't It Pretty?

Since hubby is now working at a Dodge dealership, he's telling me all sorts of cool stuff about the new cars coming in. This is the 2006 Dodge Challenger. Wow, would I love to have that in my garage.

Cars have always been a thing in our family. My dad and older brother each have a '66 Chevelle SS and my little brother has a '66 Chevelle Malibu. We used to go to the drag races in a little place in Colorado on Sundays when I was in high school. I rode with my brother one time when he was racing down the strip and I'll never forget that feeling. Even though I had a helmet and a seat belt on, there was still that element of danger that sent a thrill through my every nerve.

My husband is a car guy, through and through. He loves to tinker around with them and spend lots of time in his garage. And even though he's not a certified mechanic, he tries and tries to fix something until he gets it right. He says you learn by doing and I've seen him learn a lot over the years that we've been married. He's saved us money on mechanic's fees again and again.

With me, cars are pretty much a tool to get me to and from a place. I want it to be reliable, to look decent, and that's about it. I don't need anything fancy. I've always wanted a Dodge Viper, but I'll save that for the lottery winnings. :-)


  1. My son has always wanted a Viper...

    My grandpa was totally into cars. Cars and then RVs. He died before he got the big motor home he always wanted.

    And now I'm married to a guy who sells big motor homes. I think my grandpa would approve. ;)

  2. If it doesn't have the letters F-O-R-D in the brand, we won't have it in our driveway. My dh bleeds Ford blue. I am allowed to have a Volvo, Jaguar or Aston Martin because they are owned by Ford. But never shall a Chrysler or GM product enter our garage. LOL

  3. I've wanted a Camry for a long time. Don't ask me why, I just do.

    Dad used to talk about his first car - a Model T. Man, if he'd just kept his hands on that one. (BTW - he wasn't that old, it was a used car).

  4. I'm like you, Melissa. A car just something to get me from place to place.

    Rene, doesn't Ford stand for Found On Road Dead? Hee hee.

  5. I've always had dream of a corvette of course LOL.

  6. ROTFL, Rene - my dh's grandfather worked for GM for years, but funnily enough, Sean drove Volvos and now we have a Subaru. Ok, the truck is a Sierra, but where GMC fits in to all this, I've no idea.


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