Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back At It

Back to work today after a week's vacation.

Can you sense the excitement in my voice? Yeah, didn't think so. *grin*

On the plus side, I did manage to get quite a bit of writing done yesterday. It felt great. I've reached the halfway point of my novel and I'm excited to keep going on it.

Can you believe it's August already? Where did 2006 go? Not that I'm complaining that we're moving closer to the autumn months because let's face it - this summer has been an absolute scorcher, in more ways than one. A wildfire in western Nebraska has threatened my college town where I received my undergrad. Absolutely scary. My brother lives two hours away and he says you can smell the smoke when you walk outside. The heat and drought have not helped at all. This area is part of the Nebraska Pine Ridge - absolutely beautiful country. And this fire is just wreaking devastation.

Yeah, I'm ready for cooler temps and some moisture. Anyone else looking forward to autumn?


  1. Come here to BC, Melissa - it's a crisp 14ºC here this morning (somewhere in the 50s F) and going no higher than about 20 C if we're lucky *g*. Though it's supposed to warm up a bit by the weekend.

    Glad you got some good writing done :-)

    And yeah, it's hard to believe it's August already. But I never look forward to autumn. I LOVE summer.

  2. Sepetmber 5th is the day I'm living for now. I don't think I even need to say why that date is significant LOL

  3. That's awful about the wildfires.

    Yeah, I'm more of a spring/fall gal. Tempid weather, it's just too dang hot today.

  4. Hmmmm, September 5 - gee, must be the day the kids go back to school. LOL

    I've said it before, I'll say it again - I.hate.summer. I have 4 signs of Autumn and one is about to start: 1)School is back in session; 2)The Fall issue of TV guide hits the stands; 3)NFL begins; 4)the Texas State Fair. Not that I'm counting things down you know. *gg*

  5. Yikes on the fire. Hope they get it undercontrol. Kudos on getting to the halfway point!

  6. I hope they get it under control soon :(

    Terrible thing fire.

    Well done on the writing :)


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