Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Relaxing Evenings?

It's been rather strange the past two days. Since work has been uber slow, I've been able to get the writing done on my novel during the day. That leaves my evenings free. And to tell you the truth, I don't quite know what to do with myself.

Monday night I sort of wandered around hubby's house, trying to think of something to do. Naturally I gravitated toward the kitchen, but thankfully I didn't indulge in any harmful junk food. Last night we went to go pick up our couch and when we got back, I sat down and read through one of my research books. But in reading the book, I came up with an idea for one of my future characters and had to search for pen and paper to write it down. Then I figured, well, heck, as long as I have the paper and pen, why not do some brainstorming for future scenes on the WIP? So I did.

Hubby and I did watch a movie last night - Fun with Dick and Jane - hilarious movie. But I felt a strange sort of restlessness. Is this the writer mentality? Is it possible to not think about writing? Or is it always there, lurking in your subconscious?

I think my whole restlessness is probably just a glitch in my routine. I usually write at night. Now that I've been doing it during the day, I've had the nights free. And it's just weird.


  1. I think any change in our routine can leave us restless and discombobulated. Good thing you can write at work, though :-)

  2. Mine is always lurking in my subconscious I think. It keeps me entertained.

    That's one thing I like about writing first thing in the morning - I have my evenings free. At least I did until my sister's wedding preparations took over my life...

  3. I love getting my writing done first thing in the morning. It feels so decadent to have the rest of the day for other stuff. If I get my writing in before work, my whole day goes better. But more than likely, I write after I come home from work.

    Very jealous that you've been able to write at work.

  4. Kacey - Trust me, it won't be this way for very much longer! We're going through a new process at work and our workload has a completely different channel. So when it finally comes through to us, they'll be PLENTY to do!!!

  5. I wish I could write more in the day but my kids are just way too demanding for me to be able to concentrate.

    Someday when everyone is in school I will write during the day and take the evenings off. Aaah, that sounds nice...


  6. Is it possible to not think about writing?

    I've asked myself this because it sometimes drives me nuts that my stories are ALWAYS in my head, no matter what else I'm doing. I don't think they'll ever go away, and that, I guess, is a good thing.. otherwise, what else would fill the void? : )

  7. I get that too. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. I feel like I should be writing, and feel guilty for not writing.

    It doesn't get any better until I actually go write something.

    Or read something. ;-)


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