Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy Weekend and BIAW!!!

We went down to a family reunion on Friday evening to "the cabin" as it is known in our family. I've never been there before, but it was a cute little place. I hadn't seen some of my cousins for years, so it was good to visit with them. I really don't know how my one cousin does it - he has FIVE little girls - the oldest lives with her mom, but he and his wife have four together. And they are all under the age of ten. Talk about chaos! I don't think my daughter knew what to think when we arrived and they were all running around the house.

We went down to the lake on Saturday and my daughter got to play in the water and scoop sand into a bucket. But I, being the great water person that I am, decided to stay in the shade. We didn't stay too long since my mom wasn't feeling well, so we headed back home where I continued reading a fabulous book called Black Out by a new romantic suspense author I found, Annie Solomon. (And yes, I stayed up waaaay too late last night to finish it! But it was well worth it!)

On Sunday, hubby and I went to the mall to buy clothes for his new job - yes, he has a new job in the same town that we live! No more driving 88 miles each way every day! Woo hoo!! But this new job calls for a completely new wardrobe - dress pants, shirts, ties, shoes. So we spent a good chunk of change yesterday, but we prefer to see it as an investment. :-)

Also went and took the kids to see the movie Cars. What an adorable movie. I really think Disney did a good job with this one. I want it on DVD. :-)

No writing done this weekend, but that's ok - I'm going to try and hit it tonight, if possible, after I hit the gym. I did take a power walk last night and took a few other walks during last week, but I don't feel like I get a good work-out unless I go to Curves. And I was really BAD this weekend with my eating. Hate it when I do that. But what I am supposed to do when there are yummy, gooey, chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies that my aunt made right there for me to grab? Eat them, of course! (In my defense, I only had ONE. But I did also snatch a lemon bar and another dessert...)

BIAW Is Coming Next Week!

Mark your calendars! Rene and I will be hosting a BIAW over at our writing blog - Villa in Tuscany, starting Monday, August 14. If you feel up to it - and you know you do! - then pop on over and join us! We'll also be doing one in September, so if you can't make this one, we'll see you next time.

Throughout the week, I will try and post some different ways to do a BIAW if you've never done one before. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for a successful BIAW, please share! I'll post those comments (anonymously, if you'd like - just let me know) over at Villa.


  1. I love what you've done with the blog--the patriotic theme is gorgeous. :) sounds like you had a good weekend, too.

    Don't worry about not writing, I haven't written hardly anything in two weeks! But, with the computer getting fried, then shipped away and then having to reboot everything... Those were sad days, let me tell you!

  2. Melissa - I agree, it's hard NOT to eat when there's so much good food around, especially when it's home made. I had two pieces of cake for dessert last night =:-O

    And yay on your hubby's new job. That's fantastic!!

  3. I'm in for the BIAW!

  4. What is BIAW? I'm curious. It sounds like fun -- but I don't know what it is!

  5. Devon - BIAW is an acronym for Book In A Week. To find out more, visit this Web site.

    I hope you can join us!

  6. Yay on the BIAW - just in time for me to start the contemporary. I should be finished TOB by then and will need a short break before I do the final read through. The BIAW will give me a week to write something new!


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