Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Love Affair with Classic Movies

Since I write books set during World War II, it's only natural that I also love classic Hollywood films. :-)

Last night I relaxed and watched State Fair and fell in love with classic movies all over again. I've been too busy working, dealing with family stuff, doing a BIAW, etc., to indulge in a good classic movie. But you can't get much better than State Fair. This musical stars Dana Andrews and Jeanne Crain. Watch it if you get a chance.

Dana Andrews is one of my all time favorite actors. He was suave, good-looking, and made your heart melt whenever he came on screen. I first spotted him in Laura with Gene Tierney and that is still my favorite role of his. Directed by Otto Preminger, Laura is a film noir movie - and is definitely in a class by itself. Vincent Price is also in it, before his horror movie days. Highly recommend this one, too.

But while puttering around my house the other day, I started to wonder. When did I start loving classic movies and why?

While growing up, we only got three channels - ABC, CBS, and PBS. Every Saturday night, PBS had Silver Screen Classics. And that's when I started watching classic movies. I absolutely adored them - and I wasn't even in junior high yet. I think I loved them for their simple elegance. And that's still why I love them today. Oh sure, lots of them are a bit corny and not very realistic, but that's part of their charm. I can name plenty of movies like that today!

My DVD collection is slowly growing. I'm still on the look out for They Got Me Covered with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. I taped it off of television many, many years ago (yup, from PBS!) and my tape isn't in the best of shape anymore. Unfortunately, the DVD is hard to find - and it's expensive.

Any classic movies you love?


  1. I love classic movies too! Especially musicals. It's because i sang jazz, and loved watching the Glen Miller movies. I think those were them. LOL. But I LOVE Oklahoma and White Christmas :P

  2. I love 'em all, right up to 1955. Then they sorta peter out until the late '80's.

    Last night they had a Van Johnson marathon on Turner Classic. I watched a war movie (not my fav genre) just to see Van all mussed and gritty. Sigh. They don't make them like that anymore.

  3. As the child of WWII parents I watched a lot of classic movies growing up - and love them. Mom and I watched State Fair just the other day. Being from Iowa and having spent a lot of time at the Fair (our church had a booth there) brings back lots of happy memories for mom. I loved anything with Jimmy Stewart - You Can't Take it With You is a good one. Watched Bringing up Baby the other day. Laura is a good one too. And one of the best ghost movies (still on critics lists) was Uninvited with Ray Milland.

  4. I was never a huge fan of classic movies with the exception of a few, and unless they were westerns. The grittier the better. Not the Roy Rogers one. I love High Noon.

    Oh, and I put If You Want To Write on hold at the library - thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Shelli - Oklahoma! and White Christmas are wonderful! I love all the songs from Oklahoma and the love story between Curly and Lori.

    Kathleen - I LOVE war movies. Guess it's that whole WWII thing. ;)

    Bailey - I haven't seen Bringing Up Baby - have to put that on my "to be watched" list.

    Kelly - I like westerns, too. Rio Diablo (I think that's the name - with John Wayne and Dean Martin) is one of my favs.

  6. Casablanca,GWTW, High Society, It's a Wonderful Life, The Thin Man series - those are the ones that come immediately to mind, but I know there are more!

  7. The Bishop's Wife, Casablanca, The Quiet Man, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Love Affair(and the remake Affair to Remember), Sound of Music.

    I could go on for days. I love the classics.


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