Thursday, August 10, 2006

Painting and Writing

Luckily for me, work has been s-l-o-w lately, affording me the opportunity to sneak in a few pages. That's a good thing because I certainly didn't have time to write last night.

Hubby got a different color of paint last night and it's the perfect shade. I panicked momentarily when he first started painting, but after it dried, I knew it would be just fine. I worked on the opposite side of the living room with the other color - a nice, mellow gold - and finished one wall. We still have one side of the living room to do, but since we don't have to put primer on it, it should go just fine. I'm hopeful we can finish it tonight. I really want to get the house back in order.

I reached an exciting point in my manuscript yesterday and didn't want to stop writing. But that should make it much easier to get going on it today.

Win an Alpha Smart!

For those of you who haven't visited Writer Unboxed, (an awesome writing Web site) get thee there now! They're holding a fabulous contest where you can win an Alpha Smart!

Don't Forget BIAW!

There's plenty of time to sign up for BIAW - Book In A Week - over at Villa in Tuscany. We'd love for you to join us!


  1. Glad the new paint colour is working out :-) And yay on getting to an exciting part in your ms. That's always fun!!

  2. Oooh! The AlphaSmarts are so cute. And a great advantage for writers! I once wanted one. I ended up buying a PC Pocket though. *lol*

  3. I've always wanted an alphasmart. Keep going with your writing! That's awesome, I love it when you hit those spots.

  4. Yay on the paint! And thanks for the Aplhie tip...

  5. Good luck on finishing the living room!

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