Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Ramblings

My husband's new job requires that he wear dress pants, dress shirt, ties, and dress shoes. This is a far cry from the work boots, jeans, and uniform shirt that he had to wear before. It's taking some getting used to! But I am not complaining one bit. He looks good. Really good. We met for lunch yesterday, despite the fact that our respective jobs are on opposite ends of town. But when I walked into the resteraunt and saw him sitting there, I thought, "Wow."

Okay, enough of me bragging on my hubby. :-)

Just a tiny bit of writing done yesterday. I hope to get more done today, but I don't hold a lot of hope for the weekend. My dad's coming to visit and hubby has this weekend off, so I'll be busy, I'm sure.

But that's ok because we have the BIAW next week - and I can't wait. I'm ready! Don't forget to sign up over at Villa if you haven't already.

So what about you? Any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. Well, my brother-in-law and niece are here, and my sister-in-law is arriving tonight, so we're doing a family weekend thing. Celebrating Sean's b-day :-) I believe there's BBQing involved *g*.

    And you're the second person recently I've seen use the expression "bragging on" - it's one I'd never heard before.

  2. Tess - Hmm, wonder if that is an Americanism? (bragging on).

  3. See, now that's what I call Romance. When you can walk into the restaurant and he still takes your breath away just to look at him. Sorry, but I have to say it awwwwwwwww, that is so sweet.

  4. How sweet.

    My folks' anniversary is this Sunday and we are going to dinner at Benihanas. My anniversary is next weekend so this is kind of a double celebration.

  5. Glad hubby's new job is working out. Good luck writing--I haven't done anything much--in a caravan and sleeping with the kids. Hard to create :( Good fun though :)

  6. Lately my blog IS my writing. i'm treating it as a daily column, and so far it is well worth the effort. It forces me to put out a pretty good word count every day and it's quite an experience to write in the morning, edit and publish right away, and converse with your readers about that material later the same day. It's very rewarding. This is quite different than previous writing on novels, etc. where the feedback is sparse and rare.

    To Love, Honor and Dismay

  7. Nothing special, just the same old stuff. I'm so boring it's pathetic.

  8. What a nice, romantic moment :)
    Got dinner and a movie tonight, and the Panthers have their first game. Yet another distraction!

  9. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

    I'm traveling a lot later this month, so everything that's due on September 1 has to be done, edited and out by Aug. 20.

    Which isn't that far away.

  10. See its nice when hubbys clean up, am I right or am I right? Makes us fall in love with them all over again when they aren't sitting on the couch in their underwear scratching their butts and playing who can burp the loudest with the kids.


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