Monday, December 01, 2008


I think my little $25 Target tree turned out pretty well. It fits nicely in my apartment, not too overwhelming, but cozy and comfortable, just like the rest of the Christmas decorations in our little abode. That's the mood I was going for, so I'd say I succeeded.

The Christmas spirit has definitely entered my heart! I've been listening to Christmas music - the old favorites like A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer albums, and new favorites like the 1940s Big Band Christmas music. I just got a new album called The Christmas Anthology: 1930-1950 and it has some stuff I've never heard of before. One song in particular really touched my heart. It's called I'm Sending a Letter to Santa Claus. Here are the lyrics:

I met a little fellow with a letter in his hand
He asked me if I’d post it in the box for Fairyland
I slipped it in the mailbox for that little curly head
It seemed to make him very happy as he smiled, and said
I’m sending a letter to Santa Claus
My letter I hope he’ll receive
Oh, I wonder if he will please remember me
When he calls on Christmas Eve
He’ll get a lot of letters for playthings
From other girls and boys
But I want my soldier daddy
He’s better than all the toys
And so I’m sending my letter to Santa Claus
To bring daddy safely home to me

Isn't it just lovely? This song was written in 1939, but it holds true today, as well.

Actually got some writing done this weekend, and had an epiphany that will really bring everything together in the story. LOVE it when I get those! It completely drew me back into the story, which I desperately needed, and I'm excited to keep writing.


  1. Hmm - peace then joy. Do I detect a theme? :o)

    Tree looks lovely. I'm very jealous as I won't be able to put mine up for at least another week, and that will depend on the carpet fitter.

  2. Your home looks so peaceful. I love when a room is illuminated by the tree like that. Glad you're in the Christmas (and writing!) spirit!

  3. Your room is beautiful! I love the fireplace and the stockings hung on it--I'm so jealous!! Your tree is awesome too--and it looks so nice and cozy!

  4. Your room looks wonderful. Very peaceful, cosy and welcoming. Just perfect.

  5. Wowser! Your room could be in a magazine spread! Congrats on the writing epiphany. December looks like it's gonna be a great month for you.

    If you get a chance, come take my Christmas quiz, and I see by today's post, you are ready to enter the contest!

  6. WOW! I thought that pic was from the the internet... that's so awesome! Your house looks amazing! And I love that song! Wow! Totally touched me, my help that my hubby is in the military, tho. Great post!

  7. Your room looks utterly beautiful.

  8. Diane - Yes! There's a definite theme running through my life right now, though how long it will last is anyone's guess. ;-)

    Joanne - It was such a glorious weekend. Now if I can just have some snow, it would be all around wonderful!

    Terri - Thanks! I really liked your decorations, too. I think you have a talent for it! :-)

    Shirley - I think I sat in that room Friday and just drank it all in. It was just so darn nice. :-)

    Angie - Aw, thanks for the compliment! I was surprised at how well the photos turned out. I'll definitely check out that quiz on your blog.

    Giddymom - Yes, I think that song is perfect for today's world, too. I'm glad it touched your heart. :-)

    Debs - Thanks!

  9. Aw, the lyrics are so touching! Gave me tears AND goosebumps. :)

    Your room and tree are just beautiful!

  10. Janna - I love that song. So simple, yet so incredibly powerful.

  11. Nice job on the decorating, Melissa! It looks lovely. I like the background you have on the blog now...very Christmas-y!

  12. Thanks, Jen. I like the background, too - that's one of the reasons I wanted to change my blog template, so I could play with it a little bit. :-)

  13. Looks quiet and calm.

  14. The tree looks gorgeous. You've really got wonderful decorating skills, both for the holidays and in general.

    And you're right -- those lyrics are wonderful.

  15. Brian - It is a haven! I just love it. :-)

    Devon - Thanks! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.


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