Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At Long Last

As promised, here are pictures of the famous (or is it now infamous?) butterball soup. Here are the delectable dumplings right out of the freezer, ready to be plopped into the yummy chicken soup.

I'm not sure exactly how my grandmother makes this soup, but it is incredibly tasty. There's no chicken in it (although you can add some) but just these little noodles, chicken broth, and butterballs, plus whatever magical ingredient she adds to make it mouth-wateringly delicious.

Boil 'em for a bit until they get just a little soft. Then hurry and get a ladel-full before they disappear!

Then enjoy! This soup didn't last long on Christmas Eve. Our family just dives right into it, including my daughter.

And speaking of my daughter, Santa was good to her this year. I think it's because she left him such a nice note and a yummy snack. And here is her present - a stuffed Bolt (from the Disney movie that she has seen twice, once in 3D as she likes to tell everyone) that has laser eyes, a sonic bark, and a wagging tail. This dog literally has not left her side since she got it.
Of course, not to be outdone by ol' Saint Nick, I had to get her a Bolt t-shirt, as well.

Last night, I finally unpacked and got my laundry done (though not folded) and also went to the grocery store to restock my cupboards. And thanks to my handy dandy notebook (forgive me...that's a hangover from watching too much Blue's Clues years ago!), I know exactly where I need to go with the novel and even worked out a bit of a plot hiccup while I was home with my family. I still feel very much atune to the story, so I'd say my method of staying in touch is a success, and I can't wait to get back to it.


  1. Ooh thanks for the pics, I shall have to try that sometime.

    Love the Bolt dog, though I dont know if we have the film over here yet as I haven't heard of it.

    Well done re the novel and sorting out the plot hiccup.

  2. I think Blues Clues was on to something with that handy, dandy notebook. It's such a necessity to writers. I received a small pretty journal to keep in my purse for those inspiring moments away from home.

  3. Oh my goodness, those butterballs are huge! And so yummy-looking. :)

    We just saw Bolt last week, and I think I liked it the most!

    Great job, keeping "plugged in" to your WIP. Congrats on the plot decisions you made.

  4. I'm so gonna make that soup! (I've got a vat of homemade chicken noodle and a crock pot of white beans and ham going right now.) :)

  5. The soup has had me mesmerized for two Christmases now! Hmm...that wouldn't be on the South Beach diet, would it? ;)

  6. Debs - It is absolutely YUMMY. I haven't seen the Bolt film yet, either, but I'm sure we'll be buying it on DVD and I'll have to watch it 10 million times. ;-)

    Joanne - I carry my notebook around with me a lot, too. Been a lifesaver in many situations!

    Janna - I think I'll have to wait until the DVD to watch Bolt, and I'm pretty sure we'll own it since it's my daughter's favorite!

    Angie - If you do make it, let me know how it turns out!

    Lisa - Hmm. I doubt it would make the South Beach diet's list, but one or two couldn't hurt, right?


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