Thursday, December 18, 2008

Show Me the Money!

For the past two evenings, my daughter and I have been battling over the Monopoly board. Since I am a huge Snoopy collector, I bought a Snoopy-themed Monopoly game a few years ago and it's been sitting in a drawer ever since.

What fun is that?

So when my daughter opened said drawer, spotted it, and asked if we could play, I thought, why not?

This game is so darn cute. Instead of real estate, you actually buy Snoopy's property: his typewriter (Literary Ace); his sunglasses (Joe Cool); his golf clubs (Joe Golfer) and numerous others.

The little game pieces are just adorable. Here's the two we picked out - I'm the Dancing Snoopy and my daughter is Snoopy the Red Baron. And boy, does it ever fit her take-no-prisoners style of playing!

I figured since I've played this game numerous times before, I'd go easy on my eight-year-old daughter. Big mistake. She has obviously played it before with her dad and she is quite the financial wizard! She loves it when she buys property and loves it even more when I land on that property. Look at this - she even put houses on them!

For the "railroads" on this particular game, they substituted the seasons - fall, winter, spring, summer. And if you buy all four, well, the poor person who lands on one of them has to pay out the yin yang. I can't begin to count how many times I landed on those seasons...and yes, she bought all four of them.

"Show me the money, Mom!"

"Watch out, Snoopy! You're risking almost certain financial ruin if you land on 'summer'!"
Toward the end of last night's game, my daughter actually had a stack of $100 bills- and no, I didn't let her cheat, didn't let her get away with anything. She earned it all by being, well, just incredibly good at this game.

We are having an absolute blast. And hey, I may be broke by the end of the game, but that's ok. I'm spending time with my daughter, she's learning how to count money (and boy, is she learning to count a lot of it), and we are not missing the t.v. at all.


  1. Love board games, but haven't played Monopoly in years! Looks like a fun night was had by all. P.S. We're expecting 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow. I'll toss a snowball your way!

  2. You are an awesome Mom! She'll remember moments like these more than she will ever remember a TV show! We used to play every New Year's eve and my daughter still loves it! It's about the being together:)

  3. We heart Monopoly withthe LSU-opoly version here. The photo of Mogul Daughter is precious! (I'd frame it with decoupaged Snoopy money and such all over it, or do up a Christmas ornament.) Reminds me - did your contest prize arrive yet?

  4. How cool! I have an original Six Hockey monopoly game that I just love.

  5. Those photos are great. We have like 5 different versions of monopoly. Bret is always looking at another one when we go to the store. They've done a good job changing it up, kind of like UNO.

  6. Joanne - I usually am not a fan of Monopoly because it takes so long to play, but this time it is SO MUCH FUN.

    Terri - Oh, definitely! We are having such a great time together. I hope we can continue to do this even when she's a teenager. :-)

    Angie - Mogul Daughter! Hahaha...and yes, we did get your ornaments! My daughter was very excited about them. Plan to put them on the tree tonight and take a pic! Thank you!!!

    Devon - I love how Monopoly has customized this game. Very neat.

    Brian - Barnes & Noble has a ton of different Monopoly games. I think that's where I got the Snoopy version.

  7. Yep, your night beat my all to pieces. Why, because I watched TV last night. I blogged about it today.

  8. Cute game, and smart daughter you have!

  9. Glad you're having fun with the game :) Our niece beat pretty much all the adults at Monopoly when she was 9 - sounds like she and your daughter would have fun together!

  10. So nice to see you guys playing a board game! People don't do nearly enough of that these days. Taboo is one of my favorites for adults, although kids who can read are much better at it than you would expect them to be. In addition to books, I've often given people board games for Christmas. They're always surprised/pleased when they open them :)

  11. Too cute! I have a Rudolph monopoly set! (no big surprise there. I heart Rudolph)

  12. YAY! We love game nite at this house! We actually don't have T.V. Okay, correction, we have a TV we just don't watch TV only movies. We started it once we moved here, when we saw the programmes weren't the best (Nudity, Swearing, Violence...Etc.) It's now been 4 years and honestly, I can't believe how much it isn't missed! LOL!

  13. Awesome! I can't beat my kid either!


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