Monday, December 08, 2008

Interested in a January or Februrary NaNo?

A few people have expressed interest in doing a NaNo, only for the months of January and February (or possibly March) instead. Let's decide on a month and pencil it in on the calendar, ok? And anyone else is more than welcome to join us. We'll keep it fairly simple - just try to support and encourage each other as much as possible. And maybe I'll even throw in a reward for the winners - nothing too big - but it will be added motivation for you. I've thrown up a poll on the right to decide which month to do this in - so if you're interested, vote! I'll compile the results at the end of the week and let you know.

In Other News...

Got quite a bit of writing done over the weekend - on the novel and my freelance stuff. I also submitted my short story (the Christmas one I talked about here) to two different places with only a few minor changes. We'll see what happens!

Saturday afternoon I made my turkey chili and my diabetic-friendly chocolate chip cookies. The turkey chili didn't turn out so hot (probably because I neglected to buy chili powder!) and the cookies turned out, well...interesting. The recipe called for powdered sugar, brown sugar, and apple sauce. They taste fine, but they're not what I'm used to. And it was darn fun making homemade cookies again. Here's a small confession: I haven't done that in years. How sad is that? But I really enjoyed it and hope to try out more healthy recipes.

Also found a bit of time Saturday night to watch another episode of Ken Burns' The War. I bought the whole set on DVD and am slowly making my way through it. Finished episode six last night and have one more to go. This series is incredibly well-done. It really gets to the heart of the World War II conflict - the human side.

If you'll notice, I added a word count meter to my blog. It's my little way of keeping myself motivated to write. I'm one of those weird people who likes to update things like that. So I'm hopeful it will encourage me to keep at it.

Don't forget - if you're interested in doing a NaNo in January, February, or March, vote and let me know which month you'd like, and drop me a line in the comments section!


  1. Good for you baking cookies for the holidays! I might actually do that next week too then give them away:)
    I still don't know if I could do a NaNo. Wish I could but not sure yet. I have to do a broker's course through that time period maybe but will consider it.

  2. I like the idea of a NaNo, I really do, but I think when it comes down to it, I'm afraid to commit. Let me think some more...

  3. I just voted for both January and February.

    I want to shot for 1k for those 59 days or a nice round 60k...what are you thinking? Just each work on our own set goal???

    Come Janna, you can do it. You have a fresh new idea you're working on right :).

  4. Terri and Janna - Our NaNo would be different - I think it would be to accomplish whatever writing goal you set for yourself. If it's writing 50K on your current novel, then that's awesome! If it's writing 30K on your novel, then that's fine, too. Whatever goal you want to make for yourself - it's just to get us writing!

    Jenna - Yes - we each work on our own set goal. For me, I think it's going to be to finish my novel. Now I probably only have 30K to go, but maybe I'll focus one month on finishing that, and then the next on my revisions. Anything to keep me motivated and held accountable! I'm up for doing it for January and February, too.

  5. You've been so busy this weekend and achieved so much.

    I also find a word counter helps keep me going.

  6. I'm in! I'm in! Just let me know when! I can't wait! I have to write two more books in this series, the more motivation the better!

  7. Good luck on your Christmas story submissions - did you send it to the British pub that you were unsure of? Be sure to keep us posted! Sounds like you had a nice weekend, just the thought of baking Christmas cookies is so comforting!

  8. Debs - I like the word counter a lot. Gives me a goal to shoot for - updating it!

    Giddymom - Hurrah! Glad you'll be joining us!

    Joanne - Yes, I did send it to the British publisher. I think it might be a perfect fit for them as it is, but we'll see!

  9. Kudos on getting your story out there! I voted for Feb. in the poll.


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