Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've been thinking about characters lately - specifically the ones that I have created. I have some favorites. I once wrote a long post about a character who has been with me since the 7th grade.

But I've had lots of characters pop into my head since the 7th grade, and I like them all - even the villains! - although some of them stand out more than others. There's Nicolas and Genevieve from my Regency historical...Bess and Erich from my World War II novel...Josef from a short story I wrote...Jillian from another short story...the list goes on!

Do you have some favorite characters from your work?

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  1. Not so much one more than the other. Love all of 'em.

    Happy, blessed, successful New Year to you!

  2. I love most of mine. Just hope others will do too.

    All the best for 2009.

  3. Just hearing your characters' names and the times in which they lived makes me want to know more! And how great you still feel connected.

    I really like Aunt Cate from my first novel. She's such a special lady.

  4. I'm not real sentimental with my characters. However, I do have to I hold special. One is my first hero. Still one of my best characters. Charming, funny, handsome. Unfortunately, he doesn't fit in my style anymore. My other favorite is Jack Li, LAPD detective and secondary character in two books. I think I'm going to use him in the sequel to the book I'm writing now.

  5. HI! Loved your soup from below! It looks amazing! And my kiddos LOVE Bolt too! That darn movie made me laugh and cry like a baby! It was awesome!

    My favorite characters are whoever I am working on at the moment... seriously, they are my favorite... and I'm positive they're my favorite until I start rewriting or editing a different book then I'm like, "Oh yeah! I love you guys too!" hahaha! There are certain characters I'm more proud of than others, due to their character growth or quirkiness! LOL!

    LOVE the new design! CNOTB Is the best aren't they? The blue is super cute!

  6. There's a minor character named Matt who makes an appearance in my WIP, The Foundling Wheel and he sort of haunts me.

  7. I find my favorite characters are from whatever I'm working on at the moment. Maybe because there's an element of surprise, of getting to know them. But even so, once the work is done, they are like an old friend never forgotten.

  8. I love Grace from the book I just finished... she's who I wish I could be.

    But the character that made me laugh the most is one I had to get rid of those darlings we have to kill. His name was Trent and he was a riot. He may have to pop in again on the next book, and maybe he'll survive the visit!

  9. I'm lucky in that I've been writing a series so I get to return to my characters again and again. We're great friends!

    Happy new year, Melissa. May 2009 be your best year yet.

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  11. Ruby from Ten Cents a Dance is still my favorite--she kept surprising me! Virginia and Cora from my WIP are comin' up fast, though...


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