Saturday, December 06, 2008

This and That

Last night we had our office Christmas party. It's the type of party where you get all dressed up, go to a lovely venue, and eat wonderful food. I went by myself and had a blast. I have some very good friends among my co-workers and we had so much fun together.

Now that the party is over, it's time for me to get serious about the writing today. That's the thing about November and December - there is so much going on that it's difficult to stay focused. So I am thinking that for those long, winter nights (and days) of January and February, we who didn't participate in NaNo because we didn't have the time, should try a JaNo or a FebNo. I'm thinking the success rate would be pretty good since there isn't any major holiday (i.e. the ones where you must prepare for weeks for) in either of those months. Anyway, it's an idea I've been kicking around. I bet a lot of people could use the motivation and support to write during those two months since they're kind of gloomy and cold.

On tap for today, however, is hopefully a lot of writing. I'm at a good point in my manuscript to just go ahead and dive right in. Let's hope that's exactly what I do!


  1. Hope you get lots written today :) We have loads to do - Christmas wise - so I probably won't get any done. Oh well - I have three days off in the middle of next week, so I should get some done then.

    Glad you had a good time at your office Christmas party :)

  2. A little bit of wine can help the creative process. A glass or two?

  3. Best to you as you dive right in!

  4. I always wondered why they did Nano in such a busy month. Beginning of the year and all those wonderful resolutions seems like a better time. Good luck with writing, and don't forget to come up for air.

  5. Sometimes at this time of year, you just have to grab blocks of writing time when you can! Glad you found time today, hope it went well.

  6. I have thought the same thing about NaNoWriMo -- November has never been a good time for me to commit to it. If you decide to do a mini-version in January or February, please do let me know -- even March (usually the most bleak month here).

  7. I'm in. And my vote it for both :). I've been writing more consistently lately and I've given myself a goal of 1,000 words a day until the end of February...that will get me 100k (which better be a finished first draft ;).

    I have to do something I or just get side-tracked and bogged down and on occasion indifferent. But I'm really excited about the story I'm working on, I'm close to 20k, and my brain is chock full of bits and scenes and I want to try and not loss this momentum.

    So, let me know what you decide to do...I'll be here shooting for 1000 words a day for Jan and Feb...I'd love a buddy to keep me motivated and accountable :).

  8. WOW! I actually did nano and won in three weeks.. so I would LOVE to do a Jano or Febno with you! I can't believe what it'd be like if I didn't have to worry about a gazillion other things too! I don't think I'll ever do nano again. And for the record... a man totally started nano. Only a man would! LOL! So yes! count me in! That'd be cool!


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