Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I woke up this morning to a phone call from our public schools saying that buses would be running late due to the extreme cold. Now that's cold! My own car wasn't too happy about starting, either, but it did and my daughter and I went off to school and work. Thankfully, she could go right into the school building instead of waiting outside like they normally do. It made me remember when I was her age and we had to stay outside on cold days like this - barbaric.

Had a nice weekend - went out with friends Friday night to hear a live band and remembered just why I do not like the party scene anymore. As the night goes on, other people (not my friends) get stupid drunk and I have no tolerance for being around them. Plus, trying to talk to my friends while shouting over the loud music is frustrating. I'd much rather go to a quiet place, have a nice glass of wine, and visit with my friends.

Saturday I got all my Christmas shopping done. Hurrah! Sunday I managed to get in a work-out, buy a few groceries, and then wrote 3K on the novel. When my daughter came home from her dad's, we decided to wrap presents. Well, I did most of the wrapping while she put her imagination to work and built a sleigh! And here's the picture to prove it:

Loaded up with presents...(I know, they're all wrapped with the same wrapping paper, but wrapping paper is expensive and I couldn't justify buying more than one).
Here's the sleigh hooked up not to a reindeer, but to the "Christmas Dog."
Imagination - my daughter has it!

So I'm ready for Christmas - cards have been sent, gifts all bought (though I am still waiting for some to arrive in the mail) and presents wrapped. I don't know that I will do anymore holiday baking, but we'll see.

Now if I could just get a little snow...


  1. Love the sleigh--looks like you've got an artist in the family!

    We got an inch of snow here yesterday...and an Arctic front moving in, so it'll stick around a little while, which is rare for Portland OR. If you hear a faint cheering, that's all the kids who woke up this morning to the news that school is cancelled!

  2. Wow, she's a doctor, an artist ... is there no end to the girl's talent?

    Congrats on the 3k. Way to go!

    I'm still waiting for more snow too. Hope you get some soon.

  3. Cold here as well. So cold that raccoons tore up the duct work underneath my house last night while trying to keep warm.

  4. Oh bless her, how artistic, and what a gorgeous photo. Certainly one for the photo album.

  5. That cutie sleigh dog is a chip off the ol' creative block, for sure. Look at all the progress you made over the weekend. Yay!

  6. I'm with you on going to a quiet place with friends, enjoying the company easily. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, though. I'm enjoying your continual pleas for snow!

  7. Forget that snow!!:)) Loved the pictures--your daughter is sweet!
    But you make me sooooo cold when you described the conditions! Brr.

  8. Christine - Oh, how I remember snow days! Absolutely loved them. Now, though, it has to be REALLY bad weather-wise to get a snow day from work!

    Shirley - She is a girl of many talents, that's for sure! Tonight we were building a lego house, so add architect to the list. ;-)

    Travis - Ugh. I imagine that will not be fun to replace, especially in the cold weather.

    Debs - Definitely one for the photo album! Will bring back many good memories.

    Angie - Yes, I was pleased with how much I got done over the weekend. A good feeling during this busy season!

    Joanne - I just don't enjoy crowds or loud noise anymore. Does that mean I'm getting older or just wiser? :-)

    Terri - Oh goodness, it was SO cold here today, supposed to be the same tomorrow. Definitely a good day to stay inside!

  9. I'd say wiser. By far.

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  11. Wow! That's super cute! So the first pic... I thought the sleigh was all tiny. It wasn't! It's huge! and what a fun christmas dog! LOL!

  12. How cold was it? I know my sis suffered through -50 C with the windchill out on the Canadian prairie.

    We're at -6 C here and people are going on about how cold it is. This Ontario girl is a bit baffled *g* - she thinks it's just nice and crisp :)


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