Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Here's how to define sheer misery on a cold, December day: sitting in your cubicle at work, sneezing, sniffling, blowing your nose, and trying to keep your face from slamming into your keyboard.

Here's how to define sheer joy on a cold, December night: sitting in your daughter's bedroom while Dr. Marsh (a.k.a. your daughter) writes down your vital signs and diagnoses you with a "warm cold." The symptoms of a warm cold include: a temperature of 10 degrees; no hard beat (read: no pulse); throat temperature of five degrees; and a wet ear. ("Mom, I'm being serious here. I really am a doctor.")

Cure for the warm cold? Get two hours and 10 minutes of sleep, drink water, and drink cranberry juice. I even have a doctor's note with instructions. And Dr. Marsh told me I would be well in 4 days. I even got a prize for being such a good patient, and I got another prize for "taking my medicine" (a.k.a. drinking the cranberry juice). This prize was the best - a baby plastic tiger taped to a sheet of paper with the words, "Congragulations - from Dr. Marsh" written on it.

Is a cold worth all this? You bet!


  1. Finding the good in everything, even a lowly cold ... now that's surely a cure-all!

  2. Great post and great perspective! Your daughter sounds like a thoughtful sweetie, and I wish you well.

  3. How wonderful having your very own doctor to look after you.

    Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  4. How precious! I'll bet Dr Marsh is as cute as can be too!

  5. lol! What a great doctor you have!!! Hope you get to feeling better at work today--that is not fun!

  6. You have the best doctor in the world!

  7. Kudos to Dr. Marsh! I'm sure you'll feel better soon under her expert care...

    (I'm jealous...I never got a plastic tiger patient award from any of my doctors! :D

  8. LOL! This was awesome! LOL! Simply hilarious! I love how kids feel so grown up sometimes, I never have the heart to tell them they're not! Too cute!

  9. What a brilliant doctor! One that makes you feel better instantly. Wish we had one like that.

    Hope you're better soon!


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