Monday, November 24, 2008

The New Office

Well, here it is - the new office. I wanted to get a smaller desk than the L-shaped one I've had for years, though it left me with a bit less space surface-wise. But I just see that as less space to get cluttered!

My desk faces a window where I have a lovely view of trees and the beautiful sky. If you look close, you can see that I have a few things on top of my monitor - a typewriter pencil sharpener that has never been used as a pencil sharpener, but instead reminds me of how I started writing in the first place - on my mother's old manual typewriter; a stuffed puppy that my daughter gave me which is virtually identical to the "Little Puppy" she has, a reminder of our wonderful bond; and a Boyd's Bear figurine of a judge which reminds me...well, it doesn't serve as a reminder of anything, really - I just like it. *grin*

My desk must also have photos on it - I have to be surrounded by my loved ones. So I have a picture of my daughter when she was a baby, a picture of my dog, Charlie, and I, and photos of my grandparents. And if you look really closely on top of the computer tower, you can see a bit of my Snoopy collection. Gotta put the Literary Ace up there!

Yesterday I indulged in having time for myself. I wrote, I pondered, I dreamed. I got in touch with old friends. I listened to some Big Band music. I started a new book. I took a nap. And I relaxed. That was my goal in creating this little space - a relaxing, calming, welcoming environment perfect for writing.

What's on your desk? I'd love to see a picture!


  1. My desk is a mess! But I have a few picures on it, a printer, a computer and the thingy that gives me WIFI. And then there is always that stack of notes and odd papers! Love yours! I do have a wondeful view of the one mountain in Floria out my window!

  2. Love your work space, very cozy and inviting for writing! My desk is a large hutch with computer, brass lamp and writing journals tucked in the corner. Oh yes, and I have one transient fixture, she jumps up and down at her whim, chases the cursor on the screen and knocks down said journals. But she makes writing even more fun! Her name is Puddin, a little blue creme kitty we adopted from the humane society :)

  3. What a great Sunday! Your office space looks so welcoming. Especially liked the lovely lady legs on your monitor. :) Mine's way too messy for a photo right now.

  4. A good workspace is so important. You must feel relaxed.

  5. Oh, Melissa, it looks so ideal. I love your space! The lamp is really cool, too.

    Sounds like your day was amazing! And I bet you certainly deserved it.

    Give me another week or so, and I'll post a pic of my desk!

  6. Melissa, I'm in love with your lamp! It's gorgeous.

  7. Love your office.

    My desk just has paperwork, laptop and pens on it. The photos are pinned to the wall of the shed all around, and the only picture on the desk is one of my dog, looking rather sweet after being clipped.

  8. My desk is a mess right now. Periodically I clean it up and snap a pic. I'll let you know when that happens again...

  9. okay, I'm seriously in LOVE with that lamp! How super cute is that? And ugh! you've got a comfy chair too! I vow that once my book sells I'm buying me a new chair! LOL! And YES! My hubby took me to Bath for my birthday last year... I bought the coolest feather calligraphy pen there and ink set! I like to write out some of each of my jane austen stories with it.. just cuz I'm a goober that way! then we went to the assembly rooms! And my hubby waltzed with me! Super uber cool! AND a dream come true. i'm going back before I leave! i have to! I heart england so much!

  10. Terri - My desk will invariably be covered with papers someday soon - I've never been able to keep it clean. Must be a writing thing. ;-)

    Angie - Take a picture anyway! Then do a before and after comparison. Before you clean and after! ;-)

    Joanne - Oh, I do miss my kitty slinking all over my desk. He had to stay at the other house for now - and he used to love to jump on my keyboard!

    Brian - I definitely do feel relaxed. It's quite nice.

    Janna - Can't wait to see your desk!

    Holly - I love this lamp, too! I think I got it at Hobby Lobby on clearance a few years ago.

    Debs - I still love the idea of having my office "outside" my normal living quarters. It would definitely be an ideal getaway spot (well, except in the winter with all that snow!).

    Kacey - My clean desk won't last long, never fear!

    Giddymom - The lamp came from Hobby Lobby years ago - I went there the other day and they had some gorgeous ones that I really wanted to buy - unfortunately, too expensive for my taste! When I was in Bath, I wanted to go to the assembly rooms, too, but they were closed! At least I got to have high tea at the Jane Austen Centre, though. :-)

  11. You have a great looking workspace. I recently purchased a new desk that I love. It's new, but looks old. On top I too have a little stuffed animal called "Plopper". "Plopper" was a gift from a friend when I was in hospital a couple of years back. On my desk, in addition to the current mess, I have my daughter's wedding picture, an ultrasound picture of my soon-to-come grandbaby, a picture of my best friend, and a picture of my yorkies. Also some books that I love.

  12. I'm sorry but you're not seeing either of my desks at the moment. They're both complete states. However, soon as I get them sorted ... :o)

  13. Linda - Your workspace sounds absolutely lovely. And congrats on your forthcoming grandchild!

    Diane - Fortunately, I've already seen your desks in real life! :-) So you're off the hook. *grin*

  14. that looks like a nice chair to play some online poker in.


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