Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Don't Squander It

This morning I had to wait for the gas company man to come and turn on my fireplace. And of course, they give you a "window" of time that they will come by. My "window" was from 8 a.m. to noon. While I'm sure they have their reasons for giving you these broad time slots, it's frustrating when you don't know for sure when they're going to show up - and even more frustrating when you have a full-time job.

Anyway...the fireplace is now hooked up and I can't wait to cozy up to it with a good book or my laptop and a cup of tea.

While I waited this morning, I decided to dive back into a writing book to try and get myself into the writing mood again. I chose Stephen King's On Writing. If you've never read this book and you're a writer, I highly recommend it, no matter what you write. I've read it before and it's one of those books you can continually turn to. He has invaluable advice. And one quote in particular struck me this morning (I'm paraphrasing as I don't have it in front of me and can't remember it exactly...): "If God gave you the talent to do something, why in God's name wouldn't you do it?"

Well. I believe that God gave me the talent to write, and I shouldn't squander it. To my way of thinking, I no longer have any excuses for not getting back to the page. I've had the chance to rest, rejuvenate, and get my head on straight. (Well. As straight as I can. I'm a neurotic writer, remember?).



  1. I had to wait for the Washer repair man from 12- 5:30 last week. Don't the realize I used ALL my vacation time on fun stuff? I am jealous, though, that you have a fire place. Ah, that will make for a good winter.

    That book sounds good. I might go pick it up. I'm not sure that I have the talent, but I would like to find out somehow and maybe if I read books on writing I will know.

    If I don't have the talent, I will just enjoy reading works from those who do.

    Thanks for you comments on my blog, by the way. They make my day!

  2. I love On Writing! I probably pick it up and read from some random point at least once a month.

    A very quotable, very useful book, imo. Useful in that it's very inspiring, I mean. And sometimes, as you know, that can be a hard thing to come by with this writing gig.

    And don't get me started on those annoying windows. *gnashes teeth* :)

  3. melissa, i love that book. and i want to thank you for your comments. i feel like i am a wandering conservative in a sea of liberals. after my last two entries i am wondering if those that used to read still will. but i couldn't hold it in any longer. too much is at stake.

  4. oh, i also added you to my "enablers" list...

  5. What a difference a day makes! Love your writing attitude today.

  6. I always outwardly complain when I know I have a block of time and nothing to do but wait for someone or something. Inwardly, I love those times. Not long ago our electricity was out ALL DAY LONG on a weekday. My laptop battery was dead and after a little while I just put a rocking chair in front of a south facing window (it was CHILLY) and read a book for most of the day :)

  7. Glad you found some inspiration from Stephen King :) Write on, indeed.

  8. Love that book. Whenever I think about it, I remember how important it is to have a "perfect reader" to write for, like King has his Tabitha. What a blessing!

    Enjoyed the post. Onward and upward!

  9. That was one of the first writing books I ever read! Loved it!
    So glad you are feeling back into it!! ANd I am sooo envious that you have a fireplace:)) Sounds cozy!
    God does gift each of us with talents and when we discover what it is, we should use it! You are yours:)

  10. On Writing is the best. Congrats on the fireplace (we don't have one, and I SO wish we did!) Good luck on the's scary to jump back in, sometimes, but we're pulling for you!

  11. Heather - Definitely get this book and read it! And I encourage you to try writing. After reading your blog, I think you have a natural talent for it. :-)

    Jen - I agree. King doesn't mince words - he tells it like it is, i.e. that writing is hard work and that if you want to succeed, you have to actually WRITE.

    Patti - Thanks for adding me to your list. And you're welcome on the comments!

    Joanne - I knew the day would come
    when I'd snap out of my funk. I think yesterday was the day!

    Lisa - Sitting in a rocking chair with a good book sounds divine. I love it when we get those forced breaks. Sometimes they're a Godsend!

    Tess - Thanks! I needed some inspiration. :-)

    Angie - King is definitely blessed to have a wife like Tabitha who has encouraged him so much with his writing.

    Terri - I can't wait to snuggle by the fire with a good book! That was one of the things that sold me on the apartment. :-) And yes, I completely agree with you - God has given me this talent and I need to use it!

    Christine - I'm excited to jump back in!

  12. It's funny, I love Stephen King, he has these fantastic ideas. But his writing style just bores me to tears. Yet when I picked up his On WRiting book I flew through it and couldn't put it down. LOVED it.

  13. Jump back in with both feet. You'll be much happier.

    I think you'd really enjoy Carolyn See's MAKING A LITERARY LIFE.

    I think of you every time I re-read it.

  14. Kelly - I have actually never read any of King's books - I'm just not a fan of that type of fiction. But I agree with you - On Writing is excellent.

    Devon - I do need to order that book. I've heard good things about it!

  15. Those 'windows' are so damn frustrating. Glad you're all connected, fire-wise though.

    I love On Writing, which reminds me, I need to have another peek at it.

  16. Debs - I hadn't looked at King's book for awhile - it was a great reminder of why I need to get my tush back in the chair!

  17. I'd love to have a fireplace.

  18. Travis - Gotta admit, I love it. And since it's gas, I don't have to worry about hauling in logs up those stairs!


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