Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Digs

I had my old blogger template for a couple years now. While I absolutely loved it and thought it was quite unique , I really couldn't use any of the new-fangled stuff out there - a fancy blog roll with updates, gadgets, and other stuff. Well, I suppose I could have, but that would have required a heckuva lot more HTML experience than I possess.

Sometimes, it's just time for a change. I now can change my blog background to fit the seasons, something I love to do and couldn't do before, and I can also add and tweak things to my heart's content without hiring a web designer. :-)

I think I finally got the header the way I want it - I just love that picture. Look at those shoes! And the clothes! *swoon* I wish dressing like that would come back - you didn't leave the house unless you looked proper. Now, pajama pants and slippers are an everyday part of life. And yeah, I've been guilty of that a few times when I couldn't be bothered to change clothes to go to the store.

Anyway. Hope you like the new design! I sure do. :-)


  1. I love the new design, beautiful.

    The photo is fab, I agree, it would be wonderful for everyone to be dressed so smartly again.

  2. I LOVE the new design! Where did you find the template?

    And yeah, I've gone to the store in sweats and a t-shirt too. My babcia NEVER left the house without being fully dressed, including hat and gloves. Even just to walk around the block. Though her skirt did come down one day on our street and fall around her ankles - she had a good laugh over that. And only wore trousers for a brief period - I never saw her in them, only photos of her wearing them.

  3. Silly me - I can now SEE where you got the template - same place I did. Doh!

  4. I like this the best. I wasn't wild about the last title you did yesterday but I like this one. Good job.

  5. Love all the updates, and this template really reflects your style (personal and writing). New digs in real life and cyber. Kudos! (Do you shop for vintage clothing? I have a few things, and a really fab coat. Ebay's good for that.)

  6. I think it looks great!

  7. Great blog makeover (blog-over?) It's always fun to change things up. As for the fashion, you could incorporate some of those details into your look and just own it! It's a reflection of who you are, even if it's just a 1940s cocktail ring.

  8. Debs - I do love the way they dressed in the '40s, but I gotta admit, I also LOVE my jeans. Still. I think we as a society would be better off if we dressed more appropriately. But my definition of appropriate is likely different from others. :-)

    Tess - LOL at the story of your babcia! You should use that incident in a story sometime.

    Rene - I wasn't wild about that title, either, so I'm glad I changed it. Sounds much better.

    Angie - I dabble a bit in shopping for vintage clothes, but have never really bought anything other than a pair of gloves and a beret once (and o you think I can find either???).

    Thanks, Devon!

    Joanne - I agree! If I were really brave, I'd start wearing my hair in rolls and do pin-curls! Some people dress this way every day and they look so fabulous. But like I told Debs, I really love my jeans. I like wearing dresses once in awhile...maybe once I lose some weight I'll be more inclined. ;-)

  9. Wow. I love the new look - thought my link had taken me to the wrong place. :o)

    It's all change with you at the moment, isn't it? Well, good for you. Out with the old and in with the new.

    I have to get me one of them thar blogroll things. I love that it adds the recently updated to the top of the list.

  10. Diane - Glad you like it! I love the new blogroll list, too, but I couldn't add it with my old template. :-)

  11. i LOVE your new look. and, sometime, when I have time (outside of when I am at work) I want to do the same thing!

  12. Heather - Thanks! Can't wait to see yours when you've finished redesigning!

  13. I'm just back from a week out of town and WOW! Look what you did with the place while I was gone! ;) Beautifully done--kudos!


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