Monday, November 10, 2008

A Bit of Nothing

I was fortunate to have my family visit me over the weekend, and we had a great time - until a massive tension headache interrupted everything.

I tend to get these darn things really bad about once every two months. Hardly anything will get rid of it - I even tried a sedative Saturday night and it didn't do a thing.

So Sunday, I still felt under the weather and even took a few naps. My daughter, bless her heart, was right there to help me through it, offering to cover me up with a blanket on the couch, holding my hand while I made my way from my bedroom to the living room, asking if I needed anything. She is such a blessing!

I started a new book Friday night - The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. It's set in 1900 London and centers on a female doctor trying to help the London poor. Not too bad so far - I'm still reading it, so that's a good thing.

But as far as any writing goes...well, nope. Didn't get anything done. To be fair, I had company that kept me out of the house, had the ol' tension headache, and I'm still reading through the manuscript (I have more than 50K on this novel so far). Before I can write anything, I really need to get my head back into the story. I'm hopeful that this week I'll wrap that part up and be able to start writing again. It's all slowly coming back. :-)

And is it just me or is Christmas coming way too early this year? People already had their decorations out on November 1! I was appalled. My daughter even said, "Don't these people know we still have Thanksgiving?" She's absolutely right. Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is the 27th of November. I refuse to put up my Christmas decorations or even think about Christmas until after Nov. 27. But the stores seem bound and determined to thwart me on that particular mission. I'll just have to hold my ground.


  1. The too-early holiday promotions are a pet peeve for me too. eww

    Glad your headache eased up, and that you had a little Florence Nightingale with you.

  2. Hugs on the headache.

    YES, Christmas is approaching way too quickly.

    Have you read The Tea Rose as well? That's the first book in the series.

    I got no more writing done on the weekend than you did - we're in good company ;)

  3. I absolutely love the new look! And the picture is amazing! That first outfit on the left is my favorite! I woul so wear that now! Well, not the hat. I'm not a hat person. But the dress and shoes? Love it!

    I hope you are doing alright. Wow what alot of changes for you to go through. But you sound like you are doing great! And I love your attitude. I get those crazy headaches every once in awhile too! Nothing to do but sleep when I get them.

    And yes, the stores are absolutely crazy!

  4. Angie - I'm not sure why Thanksgiving has disappeared so much from our national conscious. It's quite bothersome. I, for one, am going to try and keep it alive! Maybe I'll do a "Campaign to Save Thanksgiving" or something...heh.

    Tess - No, I haven't read the other book, but just from reading the character of Fiona in The Winter Rose, I can tell it was probably a good story. :-)

    Ell - Yep, a lot of changes, but I'm doing ok. Just have to take one day at a time!

  5. Your headache sounds horrible, I hope you're feeling much better now.

    I have that book but its on my tbr pile. I did read another one of hers, The Tea Rose (I think it was) and it was excellent.

    I too don't put up decorations until closer to Christmas.

  6. Debs - I think The Tea Rose is in the first in the series, and dumb me, I didn't realize that and just plunged ahead with The Winter Rose. :-)

    I usually wait at least until December 1 to put up Christmas decorations. Much more fun that way!

  7. The Indian Corn and cornstalks and pumpkin don't come down until Thanksgiving!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your headaches. If they happen every couple of months, is it possible they are migraines? I got so tired of having so many headaches that first I went to an allergist (skin test showed I'm allergic to - everything, including dogs!), and allergy medication helped some of the sinus stuff. Then I went to a neurologist and she said I've got classic migraine. Now I take a generic inderal (beta blocker) every day and it's reduced the real migraines to about 1/3 to 1/4 the number I was having. It may be worth checking into. I have Relpax (ridiculously expensive, but worth it) for when a migraine does start coming. 90% of the time, it works if I catch it early enough.

    Thanksgiving may just need a makeover. It would be nice if we had some kind of thanks giving celebration about 4X a year so we could think about all the things we do have to be grateful for, especially compared to most of the world.

    I too protest Christmas in stores too early!

  9. Joanne - Good for you!

    Lisa - I've been to the doctor several times for my headaches and they all say the same - tension headaches. As a result, a lot of the medication doesn't work because it's my muscles that are the root cause of it. My neck is at a bit of an odd angle and I think a lot of my problems stem from an old volleyball injury in high school.

    If I could, I'd go to the chiropractor once a week - that would probably help a lot. In fact, that's what my doctor told me would be a good idea.

    I agree on Thanksgiving - we need a reminder more than once a year for all the blessings we have in our lives!

  10. Yes--chiropractor helps with my headaches if I get one that won't give up--are you feeling better today? Hope so! Love that picture you published!
    I bet you get lots of good writing inthis week!

  11. Terri - I hope I get some writing in! I must say, I'm excited yet nervous, as well. :-)

    Feeling better today, but I can also feel the headache starting to creep back. Darn it!

    The picture is from a bridge in the village of Baslow which is near Chatsworth House. :-)

  12. Totally with you on waiting to decorate until after Thanksgiving.

    Hope you're feeling well and energized--oh, and the blog looks gorgeous!

  13. What a lovely picture!

    And I was going to ask the same thing - I'd have assumed it was a migraine! I do empathize, and I'm so glad it didn't last any longer than it did. Here's to no more headaches!

  14. Therese - Glad you like the blog! I love it, too. :-)

    Janna - Ah, headaches. Unfortunately, I have another one today and the ibuprofen isn't even touching it. Sigh...


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