Friday, November 28, 2008

Bring On the Snow!

Normally I would not be asking for snow at this time of the year - but I am desperate to get into the Christmas spirit. Yes, I know Christmas is still quite a few days away, but I really want to be in the holiday mood for the whole month of December.

When my daughter and I got home from Thanksgiving celebrations last night, she wanted to put up the Christmas tree. Normally I wait until at least December to do this, but I figured, why not? So up it went. It's a spindly-little thing - but I think I made it look halfway decent. Daughter also wanted to put the little Christmas tree in her room and decorate it, so we did that, too.

But while I was decorating last night, with my old Christmas albums playing, I didn't feel that rush of Christmas joy that I usually do. Maybe it's because it's still November and the ground is still free of the white stuff. Granted, I'd rather not drive in snow and ice and hate the problems they both create, but I would really like just a little bit of it to help put me in the Christmas spirit.

In other news, I ate entirely too much yesterday, but I plan to exercise twice as hard today. Ha! I also kept my word and slept in, avoiding those crazy crowds at the stores. On tap today is hopefully a bit of writing and maybe a bit of prayer for snow!


  1. I want snow too. (Stamps feet.) I'm envious of your tree. Don't think I'll be allowed to put ours up for a couple of weeks yet.

    Glad you ate too much. Diane and I will be doing the same tomorrow. ;o)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think once December hits I'll want a bit of snow too. Just a bit, though *g*. We now have snow tires on the car, so at least we're prepared :)

    Hope you get your snow!!

  3. Such a pretty and festive background!

    We're trying here, too, to get into the spirit. Our tree is up, and we're gearing up to play carols. Can't believe it's time for this again!

  4. I'm with you, I like to be in the Christmas spirit for the whole season. Your plea for snow reminds me of the song Snow from the Bing Crosby White Christmas movie ... "What is Christmas with no snow? No White Christmas with no snow ... " :)

  5. A little sneaux here and folks just freak out. :)

  6. No snow!! Consider how hard it is to feel Christmasy when it is almost 80 degrees outside and sunny and my flowers are beautiful!:)
    Glad you did the tree early-- now you can enjoy the days ahead!

  7. We're currently having SNOW - such a rare occurence here in Brigadoon that when I saw it falling at the back of the house, I dashed through the house to the front to see if it was doing the same there. And it was. This means I'll get NO WORK done today (Monday now) as I shall be constantly checking to see if it's still SNOWING. :o)


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