Monday, February 27, 2006

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I hate shopping for jeans. Until I drop this extra weight (hey, I worked out FOUR TIMES last week at Curves, plus a great walk on Friday and Sunday!) it's really just an exercise in frustration.

But I had a $15 gift card to Sears that I've been wanting to use and I needed an extra pair of jeans, so off we went to the mall yesterday.

I've been wanting something a little more "stylish," i.e. not the whole "mommy jeans" that we mothers are often accused of wearing (even though those types of jeans are COMFY, darn it!). My favorite brand of jeans is LEVI's, but it's literally been years since I've bought a pair.

Well, that changed on Sunday. I found a great pair of jeans, boot-cut, that go perfect with my very stylish boots. Now they're not the most comfortable thing to wear, but hey, I'm stylin', right?

Oh, how we suffer for fashion...

It could be worse. I could be wearing a corset in an effort to get the 16-inch waist. I could have on layers of petticoats. Or a farthingale. Or hoops. Or, God forbid, a metal corset that they wore in the 16th century (I think).

I once wanted to become a fashion historian, and that still might be in the cards someday. I love to look back over history and see how clothes are shaped by the events of our culture. The French Revolution is a perfect example. The powdered wigs and elaborate and enormous dresses disappeared in favor of much simpler clothing, eventually leading to the Empire waist-dresses. The freedom of oppression certainly showed up in the freedom to move in your clothes! I even did a paper on how fashion changed in this period - it's truly remarkable.

Now that I'm sitting here at work with my new jeans, I'm feeling them digging into certain places, making me uncomfortable, and I long to throw on a pair of lounging pants, put my hair in a ponytail, and relax on the couch.

Oh fashion, you are a cruel mistress...


  1. Melissa-I think the art is finding something that looks good and feels good. Jeans are all I wear and I still look like a fat dwarf! But I'm sure someone somewhere knows the answer LOL!!

  2. I gave up on fashion years ago (as I sit here in my pajama trousers and t-shirt). Tracing historic events through history is really interesting work.

  3. Melissa, just wear your jammies at home and the fashionalbe jeans outside. Works for me.

  4. My absolute favorite pair of jeans are my Levis 200 series. The fit PERFECT and are soooo comfy. And I never feel fat in them ever. It's like they're magic pants.

  5. Boot cut jeans are great! So are mid-rise. They help diminish the tummy (I learned this from Clint and Stacy on What Not to Wear). But I hear you on lounging pants and hair in a pony tail. I still do that a lot too - though I do have a pair of lounging pants that are boot cut!

  6. Chico jeans. Comfortable and look great on me. Of course they cost a fortune. Good thing my mom bought them for me for my birthday!!

  7. What exactly is the Empire period? I can never keep that straight. Is it a European-based period, i.e., the British Empire?

  8. Jason - The Empire period is when Napoleon was emperor of France (and several other countries!) You can read more about it here:

  9. My favorite jeans are the Levi's 550 series.

    I spend most of my life is sweats.

    Hmmm...the "big" clothes and hair of the 18th century was actually a way a woman made her presence known. It's hard to miss a woman with a three foot diameter. They were far more empowered than their Regency descendents. Although the clothes were simpler, the ladies were wearing corsets, not stays and there is a difference.

    Also the 18th century heel on shoes is still considered the best heel providing the right height and balance for proper walking.

    I really need to get a life.

  10. I love my jeans. Too bad I can't wear them except on weekends! :(


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