Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Tidbits

--Didn't go to work today since my daughter was running a fever and generally feeling icky. Staying home really was a blessing since I have been mentally and physically exhausted from everything I went through this week. On the down side, however, her illness has prevented us from going to the Nickelback concert tonight. But really, it's not that big of a deal. I already sold the tickets and I have a sense of relief about not being around crazy, wild, and screaming fans. I am craving peace and quiet tonight.

--The new Wallace and Gromit movie, The Curse of the Were Rabbit, ( just came out on DVD last Tuesday. If you haven't had a chance to catch it yet, I highly suggest a trip to the video store! It took five years to make and it was definitely worth the wait. It's even been nominated for an Academy Award!

--I nearly forgot that I volunteered to judge an RWA contest. I just received the entries in the mail today - all of them historical - so I'm looking forward to that. I always find judging contests to be a great way to help other authors as well as look at my own novel with a more critical eye.

--Rene ( has a great post today about feminism and today's role models - if you haven't read it yet, get thee hence!

It's Friday...the weekend is here! I have nothing planned other than writing and that's just how I like it. :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Have a restful weekend, Melissa.

  2. thanks for the plug, Mel. Sorry to hear about the concert. Get to that writing.

  3. Hope your daughter's feeling better soon!

    I know what you mean about craving peace and quiet. I just got done with my 6yo son's bday party. ACK.

  4. My dd was sick too! Such a shame, hope you had a nice night away! Missing Nickelback, what a shame--I have just started listening to them :)

  5. I meant anyway, not away!

  6. Hope your daughter is feeling better! We've got snow on the ground this morning (yah!) which isn't making my cold any better. Loved Rene's post about feminism!

  7. Sorry to hear your daughter is sick! Hope she gets better soon :-)

    Enjoy your weekend. LOVED your ode to a printer - very clever.

    I agree with you re W&G - we went to see it on opening night and it's definitely on our TBB DVD list.

    Have fun judging the contest. I'll get entries for the one I'm judging in another few weeks.

    Happy Sunday!

  8. AE Rought8:53 AM

    I'll have fun at the Nickelback concert for you when I go Monday night! Woot! so excited... I AM one of those crazy, wild, screaming fans. LOL

    Sorry to hear your daughter is sick, Hun. I always feel so impotent when my children are ill. I've got the cruds myself right now -- sick sux.

  9. I've never been to a concert. I've never judged a contest. Or entered one. Now I'm feeling sheltered and inexperienced.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  10. Jason - thanks. :-)

    Rene - you're welcome!

    Amy - I did the birthday parties for my two stepsons when they turned six. Luckily, I forced my husband to be there to help. *grin*

    Toni - Hope your daughter is feeling better! And Nickelback is AWESOME.

    Dorothy - Thanks for stopping by! We had snow on the ground Saturday, but it was gone by early afternoon.

    Tess - I think W&G is one of those movies you could watch over and over again. :-)

    AE - I'm so jealous!!! You'll have to tell me how the concert was!

    Rachel - I've only entered two contests - I can't afford to do more. :-)

  11. The concert was absolutely AWESOME!!!! OMG Three bands, great music, hot guitar riffs, growled vocals... *swoon* I'll be posting a meme of sorts in my lj later today. :)


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