Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here's What I'm Wearing...

—A short sleeve shirt
—Tennis shoes
—Capri pants

And yes, it's still winter.

But not here in Nebraska!

It's actually close to 70 degrees here today. And it's supposed to climb to 75! Isn't that ridiculously crazy?

I don't know that I'm ready for spring and summer. Well, ok, maybe I'm ready for spring, but definitely not summer! I hate heat and I usually don't go outside until the sun goes down or it's a cloudy, rainy day. I am looking forward to thunderstorms, though!

We had a Mardi Gras celebration at work today - a Cajun potluck! Lots of beans and rice and yummy sausage. So maybe I did go back and have seconds...it's a party, right? ;-)

Tonight I have my monthly chapter meeting. I'm excited, although it looks like a lot of people won't be able to make it. Our group is small, but mighty. We have a lot of fun together and always support one another.

Happy Fat Tuesday!


  1. Here too. You're probably thinking "Its Texas, shouldn't it be hot". Well not exactly. Our normal temps ought to be in the upper 50s. It's 77 right now, will be 84 tomorrow. 2 years ago on March 2 we had sleet. I don't mind spring - summer I can do without. Just talked to my Uncle in Iowa and he said it's been a weird winter there.

    Hope you have fun at group.

  2. Wow, its warmer in Nebraska than it is in Southern California! We're in the 50's here right now.

  3. That's just unnatural! We're freezing here in the mid-Atlantic region. Usually the ocean keeps us somewhat regulated.

  4. Can you send some of that warm weather this way please? It's been unseasonably cold here the last few days. Horrible northwest wind howling and making it impossible to get out and walk.

    Happy Shrove Tuesday :-)

  5. It was 82 in Oklahoma today.

    I never thought to have a Mardi Gras party away from New Orleans... Gets me to thinkin'

  6. Do they call it Fat Tuesday because if you eat enough pancakes that's what happens to you? I always wondered about that...

  7. Something to do with using up all the fat before Lent, Kelly. I even found out the origins of Carnival yesterday. Basically the word goes back to Latin meaning 'without meat'. Again the Lent thing.

    I could be wrong :)

    We have 5-10 cm snow forecast so I am with Jason. Freezing my a$$ off!


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