Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ode to a Printer

Ode to a Printer
No longer must I wait
And risk being late
For a document I need
At the utmost speed
A laserjet now sits
With all its working bits
Bright and shiny white
And full of laser might
Printing 400 pages at once
Can be accomplished at lunch
Giving me more time
To indulge in the sublime.


  1. Oh how cute! Dontcha just love new printers!

  2. Look out Robert Frost,
    Here comes Melissa Marsh!

  3. And here I thought my printer was the best... man. Where do I get one of these babies?

  4. My husband wanted me to buy an Inkjet. I gave him the hairy eyeball and asked whether he was on drugs? No way did I want an inkjet printing out 400+ pages of novels. I told him we were getting a laser, and that's that. :)

  5. HA! I love my laserjet but I wish it held more than 50 sheets of paper. One of these days I"ll upgrade, but first I must get the flat screen monitor...

  6. There is nothing like a laser printer when you need to print a full. For me, it is cheaper to print them than have them copied. Glad you like it.

  7. I wanted a laser printer back in December, when I spent three very long days printing our my manuscript on two different inkjets. But since then, I've done all my submissions via email, so I put off buying a new printer.

    But when I send off my next actual manuscript, I'll probably want the laser printer again.

    Love the poem!

  8. Don't worry - Robert Frost is in no jeopardy of being relegated to the pages of "has been's." LOL!

    Thanks for all the comments, everyone. I'm convinced laser is the way to go. :-)

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  11. Anonymous10:30 AM

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