Monday, February 20, 2006

A Good Title Eludes Me

The weekend was good. Not fantastic or spectacular, but good. And I'll take good.

Saturday I managed to get over to the bookstore sale and I bought two shelves for $30 - woo hoo! I can't pick them up until the store officially closes, but that's ok - I'll make do.

I headed off to my writing retreat later that afternoon and had a blast. The gals from my chapter are some of my dearest friends. We were dedicated, too, taking time to gab AND time to write! We went and had a hamburger down at the bowling alley (yes, this was a very small town - 1700 people) and for a pop, hamburger, and curly fries, it cost me $3.25. Can you believe that??? I'm so used to paying $7 or $8 for a hamburger in the city that I couldn't get over the price! And it was GOOD. You just can't beat small town cafes.

Sunday hubby and I went grocery shopping. He's determined to lose weight before his mom's wedding this summer and we really bought a lot of great, nutritious food. I am excited by what I have in my kitchen now. Lots of whole grains, veggies, low-fat fare. Even found some sugar-free spaghetti sauce, and we're substituting ground turkey for ground beef (but hubby didn't like the spaghetti I made - said it tasted too bland. But he's picky. LOL). I also found some Pillsbury sugar-free cookies which I baked last night. While they will work, they still don't taste quite the same, and if you eat too many of them, well, let's just say you'll be spending some time in the bathroom.

I didn't get any more writing done yesterday, but I plan to hit it hard tonight after I exercise. The house is half-way clean and I just need to keep doing laundry. Other than that, I don't have any plans other than writing! :-)


  1. Mel - have you tried whole-grain pasta? I converted Sean and me to it last year. Catelli does a whole line of them. Only thing is, it's a tad more expensive, which to me seems unfair. But it's good and has a nice, nutty taste to it. Sean has accepted it with no complaints :-)

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend to me. Better than mine. Did you notice how healthy food is expensive? My son likes whole wheat pasta. I don't like it myself.

  3. Tess - Yup, I bought whole wheat pasta yesterday. I actually liked it a lot - but hubby didn't. Oh well. :-)

    Rene - healthy food IS expensive! And we shopped at WalMart, not a health food store.

  4. I love it when I have no other plans than writing. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  5. Can I have some of your motivation please?

  6. Sugar-free cookies...kind of like getting sparklers when you wanted fireworkers. Just doesn't kindle the same sort of excitement. However, if you wave them around real fast, they ARE kind of pretty.

  7. I was on a diabetic exchange diet years ago (the doctor wanted weight off me fast) and if I remember right - seasonings were good. Try lemon pepper on the ground turkey for the spaghetti? I know it works with the beef - just brings out the flavor. There are some who wonder why poor(er)people are often overweight. I think you see why - junk food is cheaper than food that is good for you. It's not right - but its life.

    Great on the retreat, the shelves and especially the writing!!!!!

  8. Your good mood almost blew me back from my monitor! I'm glad to see you are feeling so motivated! Don't you love how when you get motivated in one area of your life, it slides to many others?

  9. Hi, dropped in from AE's LJ - you might want to try a smidgeon of chilli powder with your pasta sauce if it's coming across a tad bland, or some ground pepper. I also put in oregano and crushed garlic, but I know the garlic isn't to everyone's tastes (although it is supposed to be really good for you). I also slice up peppers and mushrooms, and have been known to add cherry tomatoes.

    Just for the record, turkey is supposed to have the highest concentration of tryptophan in a meat (higher even than chicken), which is apparently good for people suffering from depression. If you're wanting just straight protein though you can't go wrong with lean pork mince - unless, of course, it's not something you're allowed to eat.

  10. Sounds like a great plan! And they say that the more fruits and veggies you eat, the more you crave. And when you finally get used to no sugar, then anything with sugar taste too sweet. Is there such a thing as too sweet, LOL!

  11. WTG on the healthy eating! And congrats on the bookshelves. :)

  12. Dana - Yup, it was a great weekend!

    Sharon - I can only say that my motivation comes from the Lord. :-)

    Jason - Oh, what a brilliant analogy! Yeah, they're KINDA pretty, but nothing like the real thing!

    Eve - I'm definitely going to buy more seasonings.
    Nienke - That is so true about motivation. I've felt it in my writing for awhile and now I'm feeling it in my new healthy lifestyle. :-)

    Tsavo - Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the tip about the turkey - an added bonus!

    Sandy - It's weird how I have craved the fruits and veggies lately. I think after you eat crap for so long, your body finally says, "Enough!"

    Michelle - Thanks!

  13. My problem with dieting is that I don't like healthy foods. Seriously. Other than fruit and salad (covered in dressing, cheese, bacon bits, croutons, etc...), I don't like anything healthy. At all. No vegetables.

    And I love bread of all kinds. Crackers, bagles, rolls, breadsticks.

    I'm hopeless.

    And I can't find a low-carb snack. That I like.

    So I really admire your efforts.

  14. Rachel - I love bread, too. And sugar and sweets and cake and pie and cookies...

    But I guess when it comes down to it, I had to choose my health over my tastebuds. :-)

    The good news is that there is plenty of low-carb, sugar-free stuff out there and lots of good recipes for diabetic desserts. I'm anxious to try them.

  15. I have my hubby on brown rice--he complains but he is slowly getting used to it :) Glad you had a good weekend!!

  16. Toni - I bought a box of instant brown rice over the weekend, too. I don't mind it TOO much. ;-)

  17. Hi, Melissa!

    I know what you mean about sugar free foods and potty patrol! Oy!

    I'm glad that you guys are trying to eat healthy. I agree with Tsavo about spicing with chili powder and garlic. (my favorite!) The pork, too...

    Keepp up the good writing! ...when you can... :)

  18. AE - Garlic is one of my favorite spices, too! Must be the Italian in me. :-)


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