Monday, February 13, 2006

The Long Weekend

There is a book by this particular title that I read while in undergrad school. I don't remember the particulars (probably because I didn't read most of it, as I was wont to do during undergrad school), I do know that it aptly fits this weekend.

Saturday I managed to get quite a bit of editing done on my novel. I even caught up on the laundry (is that even possible?)

But yesterday seemed to go on forever. I didn't get any writing done and my daughter was still sick. It's always difficult to muster up enthusiasm to do anything when you have a sick child. She's still home from school today, but I think she'll be ready to go back by tomorrow.

As for me, I think I could use a nice, long vacation.


  1. WTG on the editing! But hugs on your daughter. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Congrats on the editing. It's always hard when children are sick - I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

  3. I agree, you need a vacation...far away.

  4. Okay, so where should we book you? Hawaii? Or somewhere more exotic?

  5. Nothing exotic - I'll take London for a week, Paris for another, and then end up in sunny Italy looking up all my old relatives. :-)

  6. Sorry to hear your daughter's still sick. Hope she's better today!

    But at least you got SOME work done on the weekend :-)

    London for a week sounds good to me too!!

  7. Here here on the nice long vacation. Sign me up. I found yesterday dragged on 5 pm I was ready to stick a pen in my eye just for some excitement.

  8. We can just wait until this summer and go to Rene's summer camp. Are you game? hehe

    Great job on the editing!

  9. Vacation? What's a vacation?

    I hope your daughter feels better soon. How old is she?


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