Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life and All That...

As a writer, one of the worst things that can happen is an injury to your writing hand. You can't hold a pen or type on the keyboard without pain.

But even worse than having the injury is having no idea how you got it in the first place.

Yesterday afternoon I was in agony. My hand was swollen, my wrist ached, and I really, really didn't want to move it at all. But when you type for a living, you don't have much of a choice. I kept trying to remember when it started hurting and the only thing I can come up with is after my dentist appointment. It started to ache then - I don't know if I twisted it while I lay there with my mouth cranked open for two hours or what. But at any rate, I'm in some pain now and I'm thinking it's my carpal tunnel flaring anew for some awful reason. Thus, I have a wrist brace on right now and it seems to be helping.

Unfortunately, to add misery to pain, I also have a cold. My daughter had the flu virus and yesterday her fever finally broke. But she's still coughing and has a stuffy, runny nose. So I got it, too. I missed two days of work, though, so yesterday I spent the day playing catch up. Didn't even have time to do my blog surfing! I'm eager to catch up with you all and see what you've been up to!

But you know what makes me smile amidst the pain? Just thinking about my story and how badly I want to work on it. It'll have to wait until the day job is done and maybe even after this cold takes a hike. But just having the knowledge that it's there, waiting for me, gives me the incentive to take care of myself and get better.

In other news...

--Yesterday was my one-year anniversary at my job. Hard to believe I've been doing this for twelve months!

--My daughter is finally back in school! Yay!

--Hubby stayed home with our daughter yesterday and cleaned the entire house. Couldn't ask for a better surprise!


  1. Lovely man!!!

    Hugs on the ills! We have had similar and I think I am now succumbing! Rats.

  2. Sorry to hear about all your challenges this week! Sound like you're on the upswing.

    Hmmm. A cleaned house. Sounds like the ideal day-which-shall-not-be-named present.

  3. Sorry about the cold. You've been sick a lot this year. Sounds like you injured your wrist. Hope it gets better soon.

  4. Yay Hubby!!!! Whatta guy :)

    Sorry about the wrist and the cold - sucks when you want to write! But great that the book is calling you!!!!!

  5. Make sure you take care of that wrist, you don't want it to become chronic. Have you thought of voice recognition software in the meantime? A few computers come with it.
    Or, use a tape recorder for a few days and then transcribe. I keep one in my car for when I get ideas.

  6. Oooh, I'm sorry about your hand. That's recently become one of my worst fears.

    I'm glad your daughter's feeling better.

  7. Get a voice activated tape recorder. That way you can talk all you want about your story and not lose your ideas.

    Sorry about your hand. Happy to hear your daughter is better, but you'd better get rid of that cold, Missy Mae! hehe Your hubby rocks. Can he come clean my house too? hehe

  8. Hugs on the wrist!!! I feel your pain. And hope the cold goes away quickly. And I agree, your dh is one sweet guy :-)

  9. Ouch - sounds like a rough day! Hope the wrist is better fast and your cold goes away.


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