Monday, January 02, 2006

The Saga of the Loose Tooth

My daughter was quite proud of her first loose tooth. She played with it, spent several minutes looking in the mirror at how loose it was, and being excited that a new tooth was on its way. Unfortunately, she hated the thought of pulling it.

I was the same way at her age. The exact same way. My parents used to have to hold me down to get my teeth out. I would beg, cry, plead for them not to do it. My childhood brain thought the pain would simply be too much for me to handle. Little did I realize that there were far worse pains in the world than having your tooth pulled. Childbirth, to name one!

I used to let my baby teeth dangle by a miniscule thread, so much so that nothing was anchoring the tooth to my gums except my sheer will power. I really don't know why I was so scared of the entire ordeal.

So when my daughter was terrified of having her tooth pulled, I calmly told her that we would wait as long as she wanted to. I wouldn't rush her into anything. After all, I knew exactly what she was going through.

But last night, I heard her crying hysterically. I rushed upstairs and she had wiggled her tooth just a little too hard, resulting in a bit of blood. The last thread had been cut and the tooth was still there, holding on by her sheer will power. We went into the bathroom and she continued to sob, great huge tears spilling from her eyes. She kept clamping her hand over her mouth, telling me not to touch her tooth, while I walked down memory lane, remembering that I did the exact same thing to my mom.

I prayed, I reminded myself to be very patient, and my little daughter eventually wiped a hand across her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened her mouth.

Wallah! It came out as easily as an egg does from an egg carton. No pain. She said, "That didn't hurt at all!"

And of course, she was quite proud of herself for the whole ordeal.

Being the sensitive gal that I am, I nearly wept when I held that tooth in my hand. My baby's first tooth. And it was soon to be replaced with her permanent tooth. These milestones are so small, yet so very, very important to me. I want to savor each one and remember them fondly in the days to come. After all, it's not every day that your baby loses her first tooth.

As for my daughter, she has instructed us to tell the tooth fairy not to come for a few days. She wants to show her prize off to her daycare friends and, I'm sure, tell them all the gory details of her first heroic trek into the world of adult teeth.


  1. My son is like that with his teeth. I swear, the adult tooth was already out with the baby tooth hanging on by a thread and still he wouldn't let me pull it. Katie, on the other hand, works those puppies until they give up. Her first tooth came out a little too soon I think because it bled and bled. She knocked a tooth loose about six months ago and it has never tightened up and is now becoming looser so I'm sure that one will be out with in the week. She will have an odd smile because her one adult bottom tooth is halfway in, she just lost the second one and the first top tooth will come out very soon.

  2. Aow!! My kids haven't lost any yet--dreading it! Your daughter was very brave!!!

  3. How cute! Just don't do like me and keep every darn tooth they loose. I was asked one day by one of my girls why I had a drawer with zip-lock bags filled with little teeth. I quickly answered, "When you get older the Tooth Fairy gives you your teeth back."

    Needless to say it was a lie, and my daughter thought there were 20+ year old teeth in my drawer.

    Gross. lol

  4. My daughter has lost four in the last few months, two of which had to be pulled by the dentist to make room for the others to come in. She thinks the tooth fairy is her best friend. The dentist is not. ;-)

  5. ::Sniffle:: Awwww...I'm glad the process wasn't too bad. Good for you, letting her take her time with it!

  6. *icky dance* Give me bruises to ice. Give me broken arms to run to the doctor. Give me cuts to bandange. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT wiggle a loose tooth with strings holding it in. *shivers up my spine* I can handle anything except that grinding, clicking string-wiggling...

    And I write some pretty wicked horror type stuff! lol

  7. Ouch on the tooth! I remember my Dad tied a string around mine and the other end of the string to the door and then SLAM! Oddly enough, it didn't actually hurt. Although my older brother nearly fainted, which ended up resulting in hysterical laughter on my part.

  8. Congrats to your daughter!!!!! We went through the same thing a year and a half ago while our niece was visiting. It wasn't her first tooth lost, but the circumstances were similar - except we were in a restaurant when she finally got it out!

  9. Rene, that is so funny that Katie actually WANTS to get the teeth out!

    Toni, my daughter was brave only after about twenty minutes of persuasion! ;-)

    Dana, um, I don't think I'll keep her teeth. That's too darn freaky. *grin*

    Rachel, my daughter HATES the dentist. The first and only time she's gone so far, she barely opened her mouth to let him look at her teeth!

    Michelle, they say that God puts you through struggles so that you can help others with those struggles. That was very true with this whole experience. Since I knew what she was going through, it helped me to have more patience than I usually do. :-)

    AE, isn't it strange what some of us can take and others can't? I'd rather look at a loose tooth than a broken arm!

    Kelly, my parents always threatened me with the whole string on the door thing. Luckily, I never took them up on their offer. *grin*

    Tess, I can't imagine going through that ordeal in a restaurant!!!

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