Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One of those Moments

Last night, I sat in front of my bookshelf and just looked. I gazed at the spines of the books of some of my favorite authors. I remembered how much I enjoyed reading them, and how I, too, want to make someone feel that same joy with my books.

Moments like these make you think, "Okay. Do it. Do whatever it takes to get the book published, to get the career started."

Of course, it's not like I'm not actively pursuing this dream. But sometimes, you have little moments of clarity where it becomes re-emphasized in your mind. It's a bit of a push, I suppose, and I think we all need those every now and then.

I even thought about mapping out some goals last night. I've hestitated to do it because I usually fail so miserably at reaching those goals.

But I'm going to make a few right now. They're not lofty or far-reaching. They're reasonable. And simple. I like simple.

1) Finish the inspirational manuscript.
2) Exercise at least three times a week, if at all possible
3) Eat better.
4) Focus on your career.

Without my health, numbers one and four don't really matter, do they? I've come to think about my weight loss journey as less of an "outside" issue and more of an "inside" one.

Instead of worrying about whether or not my butt looks fat in a pair of jeans, I'm going to worry more about being around for my daughter, about staving off diabetes and heart disease, about feeling less tired and more motivated.

I haven't been to Curves since last week, but tonight, I'll be going. And tomorrow.

If I can just keep reminding myself of this goal - to be healthy - then the rest will fall into place, with prayer, persistence, and dedication!


  1. You can do it, Melissa! :)

  2. You can! Determination is awesome!

  3. Being healthy definitely helps! You CAN do it :-)

  4. I found once I focused more on my health and less on dropping the weight, it became easier to control. Especially with 40 looming in the near future I really wanted to get as healthy as possible so I don't become some decrepit old lady who can't get around. Good luck with the journey! I think you've got the right attitude about it.

  5. Good for you!! Staying healthy is the most important thing!!

  6. Way to go, Melissa! I, too, made out a list of goals for 2006. I called it my "Plan Of Action."
    My plan is to do a "review" or "audit" once a month and document how well I've done and what I need to do to get on track.
    I wonder what the secret is for those people who "do it all?"

  7. Thanks, all, for the good wishes!

    Kelly, you're right - when you focus on staying healthy, it makes a world of difference!

    Nienke, I think that's a great idea to "audit" yourself once a month. That will definitely help you to stay on track!

  8. Isn't it amazing as we get older our priorities change? Health is so much more important than the vanity. I also think if you workout regularly, it helps the blood flow which in affect boosts creativity.

  9. You're absolutely right, Rene. I can't believe how much more energy and drive I have if I exercise. It definitely makes a difference.

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