Friday, January 06, 2006

The Power of a Good Book

I'm tired again, but this time, it's all my fault.

I just had to finish Ken Follet's Hornet Flight last night. I think I read over 100 pages, but it was worth it. Wow. What a read.

It takes place during occupied Denmark in World War II. What I loved so much about the book, despite the fact that it was a wonderful story, was the details about life in Denmark. I confess to not knowing hardly anything about this country, but Ken Follet managed to pry my eyes open a bit.

Anyway, I stayed up until after midnight reading. I'm tired this morning, but I knew what I was getting myself into last night. And it was worth it.

In Writing News...

I powered up the laptop last night and had to re-read what I'd written a few days ago. I managed to get a paragraph done, but then hubby came home and it was time to get the kids to bed and well, I had to read that book...

Tomorrow is my RWA chapter's holiday get-together. Nothing fancy, just a time to sit back, chat, and eat more food. I did manage to go work-out last night and felt good that I did, but tonight after work, I'm picking up the kids and going home to relax. And maybe get some writing done.


  1. I've stayed up to read all night more times than I care to count. It's great when you've found a book that good.

  2. I NEVER get to do that anymore, and I really, really miss it. Now I just stay up late editing/rewriting.

  3. Ken Follet--never read him but heard he's very good!!

  4. I love staying up late to finish a good book! Have fun at your chapter get-together!

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