Friday, January 20, 2006

Housecleaning or Writing?

No writing done last night. Just perused through the latest issues of Writer's Digest and The Writer magazine. Of course, I would have to go and leave my Writer's Digest in the doctor's office this morning! GAH!

I'm excited to write this weekend. Unfortunately, my house looks like a pack of wild hyenas has run through it. Maybe I can ignore it and just write. (insert hysterical laughter here).

I'm planning to submit one of my history articles to another magazine, so should get that done this weekend, too. I sometimes wish that's how I made my living - freelance writing with my history articles and then my novels, as well. Maybe someday.


  1. hmm...your blog looks really good on my aunt's computer.

  2. I can't work if the place is a complete tip. I have a low tolerance of mess. I have a higher tolerance of dirt!! Anyway I have invited two moms for a playday Monday morning so I have to clean some stuff this weekend. And write. And go out for cocktails :)

  3. Cleaning is transient. The dirt comes back. Writing, however, is forever. Do the right thing!! ;)

  4. Toni - It's hard for me to work when the place is a complete disaster, and it is. Ugh.

    Jason - Thanks for stopping by! And you're right - the dirt DOES come back. Again and again...

  5. BTW, you know I won't touch this topic!

  6. Forget the cleaning. The mess will make itself known as soon as you make it go away. They have a tendency of reappearing. Write woman! Write!

  7. Didn't get to do much of EITHER today. No writing (unless you count the notes I took at my chapter board meeting) and no housecleaning. I did get some laundry done. Otherwise, I was a slug. NOT what I had planned!


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