Thursday, January 26, 2006

Keepin' At It

Despite the fact that my children were bent on shredding my very last nerve last night, I managed to get a page written on my novel. Of course, that was after they were in bed. Forget anything prior to that!

I couldn't stop yawning as I typed, and I thought I'd only get a few paragraphs done. Luckily, my characters started talking and I was able to write a full page. Hey, it's not much, but I'll take it. With the little bit of time I have in the evenings, anything is good.


  1. A page sounds like an achievement to me.

    Do you ever wake up and find you've just typed about 157 letter f's?

  2. well done!!! A page is great!! I can take a day to write a page!

  3. Jason - I've definitely had days where I delete entire paragraphs and sometimes more. It kills me to do it because I think, I wrote that, those were original words, and now they're GONE. That means I have that much more to do! :-)

    Toni - Thanks! I'm glad when I get ANY writing done!

  4. Good for you getting a page done in the evening. I'm lucky if I can string two coherent sentences together at night.

  5. Good for you! I've been worthless all week.

  6. One page down and more to to, then you'll be done!!! See how fast it goes? ;)


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