Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gah! Part II

I'm still home. Still sick. I can't sit at the computer for any long length of time because of my stomach. I can eat, but it just feels hollow. And lots of knots and cramps and pain.

My oldest brother told me to go out and take a walk. "Fresh air will do you good," he said. Unfortunately, my stomach won't allow me to do that as I can't stay upright for long.

But Doobie (remember that cute little puppy? ) made sure I got up and got my exercise.

He disappeared last night and sure enough, he was at the pound when I called this morning. Not only did I have to pay bail to get him out, but I also had to pay his registration fees since he is supposed to be registered this month. My bill came to a whopping $88. GRRRRRRRR.

Doobie has grown up since this picture was taken - he's six months old now. Yeah, yeah, he's still cute, but I don't know if he's that cute after running off and costing money. Well, okay. He is.

This afternoon, I watched Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember and bawled my eyes out. Wonderful love story. But right now I'm thinking of taking a nap. Or maybe brainstorming my next book. Anything to keep my mind off of this stupid stomach. And the worst thing is that I'm hungry, but I can't eat anything that isn't blah - y'know, toast, chicken noodle soup, etc. - otherwise my stomach will really act up.

The only good thing I can see coming from these two days off of work is that I'll have a short work week when I go back tomorrow. And I am determined to go back. As determined as I can be with a twisted, knotty stomach. *grin*


  1. I love An Affair to Remember!

    Hope you get to feeling better. Tummy sickness is SO the worst!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. And, that is the CUTEST PUPPY EVER!!!

  3. Poor puppy. Hugs on the bill! Yowzers.

    And hope you feel better soon. :)

  4. Glad you found Doobie and he was okay! Hope your stomach feels better soon - that sounds awful!

  5. Hope your stomach is better soon!!

    Bad dog, bad, bad dog! But OOOOOH so cute. Yeah, pets save themselves cause they're just so darned cute. Glad Doobie is ok and home safe and sound :-)

  6. Melissa, I don't know how you are oon drinking tea, but when my stomach is "off" (for lack of a better term) I drink Morning Thunder by Celestial Seasonings. You might want to try it.

    As to the puppy OMG is he cute! Glad yo got him back. My Mum's dog likes to run off too. Stresses her out.

    Take care of yourself!


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