Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hail to the Chief!

Okay, not really. Don't hail me. In fact, don't give me any more responsibility than I already have.

I spent the majority of the evening last night preparing for my chapter meeting tonight. It's amazing how much stuff one little group of writers can have on their agenda. Still, I'm quite excited about it all.

Since I'm president and therefore "presiding" (that's a scary word) over the meeting, I have worries that my stage fright will kick in, but then I just remind myself to put on my "extrovert" hat. I have two, y'know - and the introvert gets worn quite often. I'm a writer, remember? ;-)

Alas, no writing done last night, unless you count writing the agenda and making notes to myself on what NOT to forget to discuss.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of women in my group and we all have a great time together.

And I just met the deadline to renew my RWA membership - faxed it in today and they received it (yes, even though the fax machine SAID it went through, I had to know for sure so I emailed the national office - yup, they got it - I'm not neurotic at all!).

Still, I sometimes wish that my chapter didn't have to belong to RWA. The reason I say this is mainly because of the cost. Lots of people would love to be in our group, but they can't justify paying the $100 initial fee for RWA and the $75 annual membership fee. For example, my mother is a writer and she would love the support of other writers - but she can't afford to join National and she's not a romance writer. While I do like the fact that those in my chapter are all dedicated to writing romance, I wish I could open it up more to those who crave the accountability and support of other writers.

I'm hoping to get some great feedback at the meeting about my little plot problem. Nope, a solution has not yet manifested, but maybe it will tonight. After all, writers are the best brainstormers in the world!


  1. Good luck with it!! It is hard I think, are there other writers groups in your town that might suit your mom?

  2. I have the same two hats, and my introvert hat gets much more wear. Good luck at the meeting!

  3. Years ago, when I worked at a bank, one of the tellers had to look at the receipt and her receipt tape like four times before she gave the customer their... receipt. Odd.

  4. Hope the meeting went well :-) I'm sure it did. I have two hats as well.

    Re: writing groups - I belong to a smaller one here in my community. There are no dues, unless you count the twoonie we kick in once a year to maintain the website. We use a free room at the local library and meet once every two weeks in the evening. I get tons of support there. Are there any groups like that in your town?

  5. I know there are other writing groups in town - I think my mom wanted to join mine because she already knows a few of the members and she wouldn't feel so left out. But I'll make the suggestion to her. :-)


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